Herban Body Care Shae Lavender

What is it: Well, it’s not a typo. Really – the buttery soft all over moisturizer ($14) is named Shae. The sweetly delectable comfort cream (with list of three ingredients) is designed to be used all over  hands, feet, neck, and even on top of your lips. Yes, I tried this nifty trick in a desperate fit to sleep. And, it worked like a charm as I slipped into slumber quicker than I expected.

Why it matters: This isn’t your average, home-grown Lavender variety. The deliciously sweet herbal accord is actually Bulgarian Lavender, a creamier alternative to the French type. Bulgarian Lavender produces a deeper floral sweetness to the tempered richness of this balm.  

Why it impresses: Shea Butter and Candelilla Wax round out the roster of ingredients, both appreciated for bringing lasting moisture power, plumping up skin for what seems like the whole day. Recent science has even shown how the use of Shea Butter (and its beneficial vegetable fats that promote cell regeneration) after those hot showers definitely cuts down on trans-epidermal water loss, sealing in the moisture you need. Recent studies are indicating that Cinnamic acid (found in Shea) reduces the effects of UV damage. Shae leaves no greasy residue behind; just the soft veil of a tantalizing Lavender that will make you reach for more.  Chronically dry, cracked, raw skins will drink up this food for flaky patches as the anti-inflammatory action brings skin's imbalance back into check. Works on post-waxed/post-threaded skin, too.

The Final Word: Forget Calgon…Lavender will take you and your senses away.