Aftelier Perfumes Ancient Resins Body Oil & Hair Elixir

It’s entirely possible to go through life using floral body oils. I mean sure rose oils are a dime a dozen, and if when the ever popular Lavender seems to run its rut, long-time lurkers might just start peeking through past reviews to see if an unconventional blend might pique your interest. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with taking pleasure in the same regular scents that may fervently crave, but when you want to reach for something so completely out of your realm, Ancient Resins ($45) is what’s one of the buzziest oils out there.

Created especially for Leonard Cohen, yes…the musical maestro Leonard, by Mandy Aftel, the satisfies again and again for its tactile allure thanks slight ghostly whiffs of a tremendously intoxicating Frankincense. A resinous body oil? Oh yes maam! I’ll admit I’m a biased blogger, loving all things floral, but for anyone seriously curious about the glorious scope of Frankincense, the well-executed Ancient Resins is where you ought to start.

It’s not sharply resinous, as the slightly camphoric scent is actually marked by a soft haze of Balm of Gilead aka Cottonwood oil. Fresh resinous buds have been traditionally used for inflammation due to rheumatism and arthritis, but the essence also works well for dry and scaly skin such as dry eczema and psoriasis. You’ll see this delicate accent grow stronger over time, ineffably with the right amount of dustiness on skin. Balancing these two is a cloud of smooth fragrant notes comprised of Benzoin, Elemi and Labdanum, not at all too heavy nor too mellifluous, but impressing with their earthy boldness. Working from the inside out, the trio of warmth thankfully don't obscure the scent's development. I promise you’ll appreciate the imprint of sophistication from the resins and their presence, which aren’t at odds with an inherent androgynous masculinity. It’s this handsome bent that makes it worth the time to sample won’t be found anywhere else, so drop any preconceived notions

The body oil is non-greasy; lightweight from an organic Jojoba and Fractionated Coconut oil, which does double down as a hair oil. On skin, it sinks in so quick, you'll do a double take to see where you spot tested. When the tresses are soaked for about 30 minutes, Ancient Resins washes out with a single shampoo rinse. With a uncompromising sex appeal, the captivating oil is perfectly suitable for men and women alike, really.

Price: $$
Scent Classification: Spicy
Viscosity: Ultralight viscosity