Sevani Botanica Essential Nutrient Oil with Ageless Eyes

When the fine lines hit the face, you may find yourself reaching for a serum that offers up some dignity in addition to helpful good stuff. And, if you’re on this blog, it’s likely because you get how nature’s wondrous essences help make that transition to real life skin just a tad easier and healthful.

Now, if you’re like me, you’re also slightly akin to the coolness of the 60s, yes? Well, I wasn’t even born during this radical era, but waxing nostalgic over the stylishly hip Bolly songs, the radical right, seemingly fun flowery feminism and more always leads me down the sensory road to Frankincense. The dry, balsamic type that crackles with its peppery notes always manages to transport the idle mind to some bohemian subculture or song. Which is why some of you Frankin-philes will love…and I mean LOVE Sevani Botanica’s Essential Nutrient Oil ($65) for its meditative flux between Frankincense and Rosewood.

You’ll get a rush from this resinous face oil, which can also be used down the neck ad even décolleté. Oh heck, slather some across the backs of dated hands to inhale the deceptively natural scent. It’s quite a flitting scent, finding itself teetering between two sheerly aromatic accords. The incense-y quotient is dialed way down, leaving room for a seriously seductive play between the two. A not-so arrogant Patchouli and serene Lavender peek forth through some unusually sweet guises, too. Soulful in scent, the intent of the face oil is also to moisturize, lest we forget.

Olive, Squalene, Argan, Rosehip, Pomegranate, Evening Primrose and Seabuckthorn oils are your key carriers, which help regenerate skin with Vitamins A & C. Don’t trust me – then, trust in Sheryl Lynn Gibbs the astute founder of Sevani Botanica. She isn’t just a 25-year veteran/holistic aesthetician (who knows a thing or two about calming skin with oils), but she’s also a member of the NY Society of Cosmetic Chemists.

Sci-fi backing with creative clout? My day is complete. And, the review should be, too. Sheryl carefully handpicks her carriers to create her line of vegan, non-toxic, gluten-free, and 100% natural essentials with the same level of authority and artistic vision as a perfumer. Take, for instance, the Ageless Eyes Serum ($54). Some readers may wonder if a face oil and can double as an eye serum. Sheryl sets the record straight:
I knew that this most delicate fragile and thin skin of the "eye area" requires a special synergy AND consideration due to the fragile capillaries as well as the skin texture.  Therefore, I used lighter weight oils that offered an abundance of regenerative properties and potent antioxidants, but that would actually "penetrate" vs. have a large molecular structure and simply sit on the skin.

I selected the antioxidant rich oils of Rosehips (for Vit C and A), Grapeseed (resveratrol), Pomegranate (Vit C) along with Argan oil (Vit E) and Super Seabuckthorn Berry (potent C and A content). I then utilize Olive Squalane due to the potent antioxidant and oxygenation properties that also assists in preventing as well as minimizing discoloration.  It also helps to "pull" the other oils into the skin due to its ability to penetrate quickly. I then considered the challenges of the eyes and immediately selected Evening Primrose as a potent anti-inflammatory oil that reduces puffing and swelling and a "must" for the eye area.

The eye serum (complete with a medicinal dropper) does really feel lighter than a face oil. Expect you’ll refresh and visibly firm the delicate skin around your eyes with this gentle, weightless oil that protects against environmental damage. The startling vividness of Neroli adds an exotic whiff to the treatment, flanked by the somewhat pensive Rose Geranium, which imprints a tension of mystery and springs forth after a few minutes. Sinks on the spot, concealer won’t tug at skin with this eye treatment underneath. And, Helichrysum?
Helichrysum is a super anti-inflammatory yet regenerative essential oil also indicated for swelling and dark circle reduction - due to its high content of sesquiterpene hydrocarbons along with esters and diketones, particularly good for bruising (similar to dark circles) a must!

Sevani’s oils are fiercely edited for precision, which you’ll appreciate highly. A cut above the glut of organics, the lively blends deliver high performance without any bombastic marketing copy you’ve come to doubt. What I like best about Sheryl and her choices here is how she is grateful for even the smallest of details.

Price: $$
Scent Classification: Spicy; Floral
Viscosity: Ultralight viscosity