La Bella Figura Buenos Aires

Tobacco? I don’t get it. An accord that is known – as sometimes scorned – for its dark, woodsy smoke. Too often the note gets decidedly mixed reviews by most bloggers; some loving its sweet unfold, others cringing at its stink. Me? I just don’t get tobacco’s allure. Ever. Is it supposed to sex up a scent? Or, comfort with the reminisce of a man’s allure?

Dunhill. I get. See, growing up, I used to sneak sniffs from a freshly unpacked box of well-made, polished Dunhill cigarettes that Dad would bring out. Now, that smell I can still transport me to the iconic red and white box. But, tobacco? In a scent, it scares me more often then not. Why would any lady want to exude wafts of cigarettes? Now, can you see I don't feign to be a novice fragrance blogger? Daft as I am, this is why I hesitated…waited…tip-toed around La Bella Figura’s debut launch of perfume oils. Because, here staring me down was a clean cut, chic bottle of Buenos Aires Perfume Oil ($90).

Normally, when the smartly organic, slightly mischievous gals from Chi-town send in a sample, I shamelessly leapt across the room in my Givenchy booties, tore rapaciously into the strongly taped, brown paper box and slathered across skin with whatever huile-ness was sent. This time. I stopped. At tobacco. I stopped and stared. And, wonder, why the fear of tobacco?

But, now I can’t stop. And, that is sniffing at my wrists with tobacco. Who would have thought even a skeptic like me could have been won over? Yes, it’s true. I have bowed down the mysterious yet urbane wonder of Tobacco in this scent, inspired by travels to its namesake city.

There’s a delicious sparkle of Wild Orange that floats atop skin revealing some interesting contrasts and sentimentality here. Though the medicinal tinge of Tobacco is kept in a polite balance (read: it doesn’t bother me), and mercifully, doesn’t conjure up the olfactory fun of Dunhill. Rather than to dictate the composition, the smokiness deepens with a timely intent. Rose Otto, Bergamot, Rosewood, Vanilla and Orange Blossom form the seductive heart fearlessly subtle enough for day wear. Vibrant, nearing the threshold of exuberance, Buenos Aires is an unexpected surprise of warmth even as the spicier, balsamic scents of fall make their way onto my vanity table. Anyone seeking a smoke-tinged epiphany of sorts may not find the right degree of provocation here. The scent fades into a soft, powdery form of florals, which showcases the blend's complex gentleness.

I’ve been beside myself with a certain awe with this non-synthetic perfume oil. First off, I’m glad to see more attention given to the niche brands exploring the world of scent, even with all of its nasty politics that run amok on the sly. Yes, I said it. But secondly,  I’m relieved to see these types of perfume oils aren’t about functional perfumery – the kind that mandates certain essences be used if they are en vogue. Rather, La Bella Figura launches a noteworthy line of fragrances based on the brand’s travelogues with deep convictions for the love of scent.

And, nothing else. Excuse me now...I have an olfactory renaissance to explore. Thanks, LBF!