Jiva Apoha Amma Body Oil

What is it: An enticing body oil ($23) that comes in both a full and travel size bottle with essentials carefully chosen for their instant effects to calm frayed nerves…and the soul. The treatment promises to bring a multidimensional experience to any wearer who has been discontented with the lavenders and roses.

Why it matters: All natural Sesame and Sunflower oils will make this body oila fave among the organic set. Sesame oil (used by Egyptians as a medicine as early as 1500 B.C.) holds moisture in, so it will help your skin stay hydrated, particularly when used after a shower or worse…after a dehydrating swim, where skin has been ravaged with copious chlorine.
TIP: Heat up the oil by running it under hot water in the sink. Once the oil is warm, begin massaging your scalp for an intense hair mask.

Why it impresses: The faintest traces of Jasmine tweaked with Palmarosa and Sandalwood bring a hazy veil is exoticism without being too potent. It’s the Jasmine for those wanting to love Jasmine, but fear the customary sweet merits of its flourish. A persistent fresh, innocent aura hovers over skin without any intense woodiness, which might have lumbered the essentials in their unfold.

The Final Word: A tender body oil for your daily fix that shows exhibits a touchable, naturalistic scent with an almost unearthly beauty.