InFiore Lustra Cleansing Balm

What is it: Just the most perfect exfoliant in a jar that uses essential oils as its base ($125). Ever. Mild enough for daily use but deeply potent as its considered a ‘live’ product which is activated by any exposure to water. If your mad about matte and want fall’s holiday jewel-toned colours to sit strikingly against skin, you’ll need to exfoliate twice a week at the very least. And, this luxury exfoliant has 12 organic, wild crafted ground blossoms and essential oils to buff up skin with ultra-fine granules.

Why it matters: The essences are enkindled within a genteel base of Beeswax. With blossoms (Rosebuds, Lavender Flowers, Calendula Blossoms, Red Clover, & Chamomile Flowers) so fresh, the scrub will tempt you to lick up your own skin. Save yourself, as I did. The austere, woody facets of essentials are emulsified when added to water, which imparts an eagerly fragrant Rose Geranium with interesting nuances that undulate atop skin. You’d almost think you dipped into a Rose attar, really. It matters more than most scrubs as skin is left superbly soft if you leave it on for about 10-12 minutes after a deep scrub, as the oils will seep straight into sloughed off skin. The balm delivers active ingredients that are more intense in a short contact time, which work wondrously on skin in need of revitalization as we move towards a cooler air.

Why it impresses: Travelers can trust this treatment to cleanse and exfoliate in one shot as the carefully pruned essences will help remove the daily grime. The cleansing balm really finds its richness in its details of the blend. It’s so addicting, I want to scrub it all over my bod, but of course, can’t afford to do so. Literally. This is the only scrub that you won’t be able to wait to get to every week or even every other night, as it sincerely extends an invitation to caress skin with care. TIP: If you've got ultra-sensitive skin, add a few extra drops of your face oil to soften any sting.

 The Final Word: Trust InFiore to bring a certifiable joy that always feels positively wholesome.