Ilia Bang Bang Tinted Lip Conditioner

What is it: An 85% organic tinted treatment ($24) that works as a part balm and part lip colour. Bang Bang (a softly sheer red without opacity), in particular, will help keep you on trend as jewel tone rich shades are du jour, but sometimes a fully matte scarlet sand oxbloods may still keep you away from getting a statement lip.

Why it matters: Castor, Jojoba and Sesame oils are just a few oils blended with Cacao Seed Butter to soften the pucker. Dry skin is banished with the butter, while the oils prevent and chapping ever again.

Why it impresses: It’s a first for me to come across a glaze of lip colour brilliantly scented with tendrils of Jasmine and a classically clean Orange Blossom. There’s quite an uplifting sense of sweetness as a fairly conventional Vanilla plays back fiddle to the floral essences. Elegant and light, you’ll want to dapple the conditioner over and over again just to sniff atop the lips. Use the shimmer-free conditioner alone for a sheer but lastingwear or over a liner for depth.

The Final Word: A vibrant and complex alternative to colourless balms for when colour counts.