H. Gillerman Organics Flowers Lip Balm

What is it: The most perfect lip balm ($17) that could have been created for a huile lover like me. No, seriously, its not a derivative balm, concocted from the leftovers of some flanking body product. Who am I to judge? No one of clout, but someone with enough honest praise to say this could be the end all to your search for a lip balm because…

Why it matters: It’s the sole lip balm I have come across with Jasmine – the idyllic, gauzy, joyful kind that is blended with resolute swaths and leaves a kind of refined aura hovering atop your lips. For the slather, forget the oils, forget anything else. Jasmine.

Why it impresses: See above. 

The Final Word: A serious balm with the improvisatory energy of free-flowing florals to love.