Essential Faith Perfume Oil

Garish. Talky. Screeching. A tsunami of sensory offenders. That statement scent. Some of the things you fear a fragrance will be. Your local perfume fetish fiend sprays these types without regret. And, as you pass her by, those perceptibly manageable notes waft around your senses…you choke…you gag…you wonder how the heck did she think she smelled pretty when she left the house this morning?

Now, here’s an interesting scent that celebrates the muted quietness of essential oils. Essential Faith ($65) brings an uninterrupted accents of clean, fresh notes of an indescribable musk punctuated with barely-there but modernized citrus notes that you’ll actually wonder what you’ve smelled at all. See, the scent is designed as a unisex one, adapting to each individual’s chemistry. A decidedly modern perfume for the fans of lively minimalism that, for once, forgoes the litany of essential oils. Yes, dear reader, none are disclosed online or on a label, which makes the mystery and fun run even deeper.

At first swipe, Essential Faith is so muted in form, that you’ll actually wonder what did the $65 get you. Simple and good, the finished product is so much more than this. Give the oil a few minutes to enjoy its developed Musk persistence, which if you sniff with care, will impart a splendid airborne interplay of exotic and softly floral accords. The only clue to the wearer is that the 100% natural essences are imported from Indonesia and formulated for us here in the US. And, therein lies the game of guess.

On the niche side, the scent – a deeply resonant but androgynous one – veers away from a powdery end but possibly signals an aquatic bent of sort. Quiet and restrained, the re-imagined Musk is quite a charmer, instinctively inviting repeat sniffs. Anosmics bewarned: some might not even make out the scent, as the compelling oil is as hushed as I’ve ever seen one.  And, it stays close to skin.

How does the aromatic freshness transform on you? Do tell.