Ayala Moriel Treazon

Tuberose. And, a drunken one. Is it possible to create such a scent from the ever chaste Tuberose? Ayala Moriel did I with Treazon ($90). Having very little knowledge of the ceremonial creative process of fragrances, I can say I do know what I like. And, that is the grand Tuberose. Well…when it’s done right.

It’s an indescribable task to get me a sweetly indecent Tuberose as most come off too heady or too cloying. Treazon wins respectability for its pure aesthetic. See, what I deeply admire about Ayala is her stylistic diversity with essences and accords, some of which I haven’t even heard of. Yet, when blended with the classic favourites, something new and unimagined results. And, that result is Treazon.

The scent is an austere repertory of Tuberose laced with a boozed up Vanilla nuanced with some quietly purring animalic facets.  Give pause, as you'll sniff a spicy drama rush forth with the Anise and Cinnamon, though not loudly robust but in a way that is appealing and attractive. The composition isn’t your usual floral fare – Treazon has an odd mix of infatuation with opulent Tuberose and a nonchalant glamour of something a bit retro. Maybe it’s the Birch? Or the African Stone? Whatever the sensory dogma, there something in here to be devoured upon its diffusion. The natural rawness is quite excellent to say the least.

Ayala is an imposingly gifted perfumer. While her body oils are always in my heart, her natural perfumes always manage to bring out mischievously fun discoveries that always manage to usher in deeply affecting scents with a renewed rapture. Can’t wait? You’ll have to as Treazon launches auspiciously on 12/12/12.