African Botanics Marula African Muti Mud Mineral Body Scrub

What is it: A deep pore-cleansing mud-based scrub ($65) enriched with Marula oil that resurfaces dull, lackluster skin with your 10-minute promise of prolonged scrub-a-dub. With ingredients sourced from Africa’s ancient volcanic lava formations, known as Pilanesberg. When skin is bare, rub with vigor. And, I mean your décolleté, legs, tummy, elbows, knees and just about any other feature that will show signs of shameful neglect. And, let’s face it – loofahs are useless.

Why it matters: In addition to Marula, Cocoa, and Avocado oils, the scrub is one of the so very few that contains African Green Rooibos, Tea Extract, which contains minerals, AHA, and is high in polyphenols & antioxidants. And, Julia Nolk, the co-creatrix behind this ingenious scrub shares with us just how rare the mud actually is: “Muti Mud Clay is located in the oldest volcanic mountain range known on the planet. Our bodies so often do not get sufficient minerals in our modern diet and our biggest organ, the skin, absorbs these minerals in synergy with herbal ingredients/essential oils, which are mixed with the Muti Mud.”

Why it impresses: While you buff away those unsightly reptilian patches, you’re also bringing the ever potent Marula to get deeper into newer skin, which now will likely maintain its supple, healthy appearance. When used episodically (like 1-2 a week), expect your body oils to sink in faster, too. The minty zing of Peppermint helps tone and tighten your skin, which makes this a great choice for those afflicted with cellulite. And, by that I mean…every girl. Long languorous strokes will help bust up those deposited fat cells and lead to smoother skin. The non-grainy texture will also be appreciated by sensitive skins needing to slough the arms without leaving those telltale red marks. HINT: Did you know you can scrub the legs to help keep flaky skin at a minimum, which means you can get a closer shave)? Word. And, the best thing to put on your legs right after shaving? An oil.

The Final Word: Tender work for that annoying rough skin makes this an alluring decadence for the mundane maintenance needed weekly.