Warm Body Oil

Is there any moment better than that one when skin greets the dawn? Or, when kissed by the hot sun? Rain drops just don’t hold the same cache. When the air brings a sense of arrival, even this late in the year, Warm Body Oil ($50) is such the perfect body oil to hark in some much desired comfort.

This is a non-typical beachy scent, immediately refreshing with an alluring freshness of the morning sun captured within a purely spotless bottle. How so? The body oil is actually designed to complement a fragrance oil (with the same name) created by the famed niche perfumer, Sarah Horowitz. Known to create exquisite scents leading to novel experiences, Sarah’s kissably sweet scent works so well in a body oil, which leads me to wonder – why haven’t more perfumers considered lending importance to body oils as flankers to their fragrances? Makes simple sense to me from a dollars and marketing perspective.

Winnie Beattie (founder of Warm NY) gets this and launched both a fragrance oil and body oil to complement the harmonizing experience. First off - I should say, I'm not Bergamot connoisseur. But, here it works magic on me. Ensconced deep within Sweet Almond Oil are tender swirls of non-bitter Bergamot and Musk, which undulate across the skin with waves of effortless ease. It’s a surprisingly sexy scent (Winnie likes to wear it in her hair, much like me), which gets liberated with Lemon, the non-tarted kind. An abstract Lily is punctuated by a pleasant, ever so slightly Patchouli, which adds a thinly veiled richness to skin, though without tricking out the scent without pungency. The chance ending promises to vary from skin to skin, but suffice to say it's changeably fun and impressive.

Thin in its spread, it’s an urbanized beach scent blended in Malibu by fashion-conscious scent purveyors; a scented oil which I cannot stop even at repeats sniffs. And, don't even ask about the spontaneous compliments that have prompted many to ask what perfume I was wearing. I mean, you’ll almost want to make this a signature body oil, if the usual floral overtures bore you on occasion. Nothing is reminiscent of the overplayed ‘’Hawaiian Tropic” underscore found in so many beachy scents. Thankfully, there is nothing here to challenge any stealthy note of a misplaced coconut - there's none! The intimate float of scent promises a beautiful experience while the Sweet Almond Oil will quench skin with Vitamins A, D, and E. Interesting to note is how the cozy carrier also contains Quercetin and Kaempferol that provide anti-inflammatory properties, and antioxidants that help to protect your skin against sun damage.

I’d try to continue selling you on the saintly merits of this impeccable body oil, or that of any one, really. But, I’ll leave it to Winnie, who says it the best:
Oil is the most intimate form of fragrance as it mixes with your own body chemistry the best - Winnie

Enough said and brilliantly so. Bewarned, as this one is poised for runaway success. I know it. You should, too.

Price: $$
Scent Classification: Floral
Viscosity: Slightly viscous