Supercritical Chia Oil

What is it: A feathery light, fragrance-free serum ($49) for the face that boasts of one sole ingredient – 100% organic Chia oil. Yes, that’s it!

Why it matters: Chia oil is made up of nearly 60% pure omega 3, Vitamin B3, C, and E, and antioxidants that come straight from the bounty of nature. No, it doesn’t hail from the iconic Cha-cha-chia seed plant you thought to order from those late night TV spots. Rather, "Chia" is Mayan for strength and at once upon a time was more prized than gold by the Aztecs, Mayan, and Incas for its extraordinary properties. The oil is the conscientious solution to anti-aging, as nothing will come between your skin and this superfood for dry, itchy bouts. A study published in 2010 (Ann Dermatol.) studied the effect of chia seed oil on patients with end-stage kidney disease or diabetes who also had extremely dry and itchy skin. Researchers saw significant improvements in skin hydration and skin itching in all patients using the Chia seed oil. They also noted that skin barrier function and skin’s ability to hold onto water content had improved. No fillers or even carriers are added to this blend, which means you’re getting 100% of pure, wholesome goodness.

Why it impresses: Because it’s one of the purest face oils I have come across. Don’t get me wrong. While I adore my lush roses and get tickled by the effervescent mimosa any day, this oil gives skin a major aesthetic upgrade overnight. It smells like…well, an oil. Not a bad one, not anything remotely heading into rancid territory, but just like a plain ‘ole oil. Sinks away on the spot and you don’t have to worry about any midday oil slick on the T-zone with this treatment. Works extremely well when you use it with Chia Whip ($28 – how freakin’ cool is this product name!), a foamy cleanser that lathers up with Olive, Jojoba, and Coconut oils with a dash of slightly green notes of Rosemary to perk you up. Even contact lens wearers (like yours truly) can get a clean wash without stripping away the natural moisture barrier and watch skin sop up the Chia oil. Lifts away dirt, makeup and sunscreen and rinses off with ease

The Final Word: Peerless perfection as far as face oils go. PS: the founder’s hubby likes it, too.