Paris-Bahamas Sun Glow Shimmering Dry Oil

What is it: A lightweight body oil ($46) that is replete with polyphenols.

Why it matters: Because the treatment has three hand-collected ingredients: Seagrape, Polyphenosis, & Poinciana. Highly concentrated with antioxidants, the oil doesn’t seem to have a roster of carriers, which means the oils are as pure as can be. City dwellers will appreciate its multifunctional use as really you can use it on hair, the body and even feet.

Why it impresses: The oil slips into skin without a trace, but leaves a whispery scented trail. The subtle tropical scent isn’t strikingly coconutty or tartly floral. Rather, the aromatic play on skin is a result of a delicate sweetness that lingers atop skin. Another plus is the absence of any obnoxious glittery or freefalling specks that you usually see in shimmer oils. Here, the finely spliced mica is so, so miniscule, you won’t have to worry about blending down any crass or shine. The gossamer-like shimmer here is intended to glint softly and reflect light, which makes it perfect to wear on legs in the morning. On hair, it's doesn't weigh down the locks and helps lay the frizzies flat.

The Final Word: I’m endlessly grateful for this slip of tropical lightness.