Olie Biologique Huile Radicale 005

What is it: A slightly viscous, gentle acting face oil ($68) designed to hydrate and revitalize dull skin.

Why it matters: The Camellia Seed oil serves as the main carrier. A secret of the Geishas, the oil brings Vitamins A, B, and E which act as natural rejuvenators. The standout Blackcurrant Seed oil adds to the hydration fun with its seriously potent concentrations of GLAs, which slow down the manufacture of collagen-busting, skin-inflaming radicals. It absorbs quickly without the worry of stickiness, too. In just a few days of use, haggard skin regains its vitality, becomes more luminous, smoother and visibly younger-looking, reducing the need for a separate night cream. And, great skin is imperative no matter what your age.

Why it impresses: The oil is healing and leaves skin with such a beautiful glow to the touch. The vibrant and potent scent of Rose Bulgar oil – slightly Victorian in heart - offers a sweet prelude to the Geranium. Both refrain from wafting into a powdery domain and rather veer towards a tender honeyed homage to spring. Geranium also brings slightly astringent properties, so oily skins will appreciate their skin getting a touch of detox action. Leave it on for an over night treatment, and you’ll awaken to velveteen skin as if it’s had a luminizing facial. And, it’s safe enough to use after any derm visit (think: chemical peel).

The Final Word: If you’re after opulence in a face oil, you can wrap up the slavish search with Olie Biologique.