Medicine Mama’s Apothecary VMagic

What is it: a 100% organic balm ($24.95) to help soothe your vajayjay when it’s too dry, too bleached, too waxed, too itchy, or just goddamn it too something. And, you know it’s gotten that way from pokes, prods, smears, strips and lordy chile what other atrocity the poor thang has endured.

Why it matters: Feminine itching is a real issue that we all get from time to time. The bane of itch - whether it’s from one of those horrific beauty treatments supposedly designed to pretty up your pubes (waxing, shaving, razoring) or from natural aging through menopause  - you’d never be caught tickling your love button like a guy watching ‘skinemax’. The seriously pro-vadge ladies would grin n’ bear it, but I say oil up! Lady areas are meant to be soft as a petal, not dry, patchy, or thorny.

Why it impresses: A quick slick of this buttery balm over post-waxed skin proves to soothe. Handcrafted in Ojai by Donna Steinmann (aka the perfectionist founder and sweet loving Medicine Mama), and good enough to eat (pardon the pun), the balm uses organic Olive Fruit oil, Avocado, and Seabuckthorn, Beeswax, and a proprietary blend of Honey and Propolis. Chafing is totally gone thanks to the natural germidical properties of Propolis, which is which is actually used by bees to seal their hives. The moisture bind is doubled up from the Beeswax, which brings anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic and germicidal action. A double bonus: you can actually lather up the fuzzy-wuzzy lady bits with this scent-balm and get a smoother shave.

The Final Word: An appealing balm to calm made from scratch to cut the itch. Because a lady would never.