Badger Seabuckthorn Hair Oil

What is it: An ultra-luxe (yes, even at this price point) hair serum ($18.99) that sleekens even the most damaged hair types that adds mega-softness and super shine with restorative vitamins.

Why it matters: Cos’ having frayed split ends is so not cool. If I saw them, I’d poke and giggle. Sassy stuff aside, this hair oil is first & foremost USDA approved, which means the ingredients are basically good enough to taste test. Not that you would. So, I did it for you. But, this review isn’t about the lickety-split orange tinged oil. It’s about knowing that the Apricot oil penetrates quicker than a flash, taking into your porous strands Vitamins A, C, and E to treat. Vitamin K comes from the Seabuckthorn, while Vitamin B (always a mandate in hair treatments) comes from the Pomegranate fun.

Why it impresses: Cos’ it washes out with a single shampoo rinse. Most hair oils can be left on for about an hour, unless you decide to go completely nocturnal with protective pillow case covers. The unbelievably glossy sheen you’ll get the morning after is worth the effort. Broken locks are a thing of the past once you get into a regular once-a-week habit with this organic concentrate. Roots, ends, and scalp will all want to drink up the impressively smooth, semi-citrusy mix of Orange, Rose Geranium and Lavender, which speaks to hair with a seductive slur. If an idle sensory slumber party is your choice, smear the leftover oil over your cuticles and hands and watch it work some magic.

The Final Word: It might be to the wearer’s advantage to order two bottles. You’ll be out of the first within a month if you care enough about your hair.