One Love Organics Love Springs Eternal

Can I say I’m in love? Exclamation point.

And, will you sigh & say, “again?” Exclamation point.

Well, I am a woman with that notorious fickle heart. So, I say to the ultracontentious naysayer, “It’s so very hard to settle on just one oil, much like settling on one signature scent.” If you’ve never cracked open a bottle of Argan, you should know today’s face oils are getting serious in their scent and ingredients. Now, the best ones can rival those high-tech department store serums with purely potent essences and scents that will have you besotted at first spread. One Love Organics Love Springs Eternal Youth Preservation Serum ($59) is an example of a face oil that is perfectly pleasant in form but formulated with a powerful blend of select nutrients to feed skin needing suppleness.

D'Orientine S (extracted from Date Palm Kernel extracts) is our skin’s saviour with its 7 active compounds, which go straight to work on oxidants attacking our precious collagen. Clinical trials show some pretty amazing improvements when used day & night over mildly wrinkled or lackluster skin. I was curious to see how it wears under your moisturizer at night. So, here’s your reaffirming confirmation: uh wow. Exclamation point. How so?

Suzanne LeRoux, the stylishly astute founder of One Love Organics, says she actively sought out an Eco-cert certified clinically proven anti-aging ingredient to add to her face oil and displace the need for a separate eye product.“I included D'Orientine S in our product at full clinically strength (which as you know can be rare). It worked so well to decrease the lines around my eyes, so I decided not to create a separate eye cream, but to use this one anti-aging product for everything-my face, eyes and backs of my hands.”

FYI – my limited experience and I did not know this tidbit. And, this is exactly why I am deeply thankful I can happily turn to high profile experts like Suzanne to sum up the value in an oil.

Now, about the serum. Well, the oil is saturated in Fractionated Coconut oil and paired with Watermelon Seed oil, both of which leave a serene, velveteen finish under the night cream. But, there’s more to this tale than what meets your eye…and skin.

The radiance of its sweet scent will capture your fancy with a full sentiment. The floral freshness of Rose particularly flanks the Neroli with an effusive languor that effuses into skin with the creaminess of Frankincense. The beautiful marriage of these essences is really quite fitting for a body oil. The cleverly crafted scent morphs into something that celebrates the velvet bloom of Roses with the softened splices of citrus, while Palmarosa helps deepen the winey facets of Rose. As it slides into skin, I get so smitt. Exclamation point.

Pure and steady, the tease of the floral oil genuinely gives a sensuous pleasure if you allow yourself to be seduced by the scientific strength of the extract and the fearlessly sweetish summation of the essentials. The serum doesn’t collapse into any boring rendition of anti-agers, but rather trumps those chemically fluffed ones with their undeliverable hype.

The organic rightness of the oil is a major part of the allure here. But, getting a fresh injection of a new yet proven ingredient underscored by irresistible notes is what sells it home.

Exclamation point.

Price: $$$
Scent Classification: Floral
Viscosity: Slightly viscous