Coop 108 Regenerative Facial Serum

Growing up on a non-fanatically-religious family, I knew about essential oils with the arrival of my grandmother’s suitcase from the motherland – India. Before she even opened up, the aromas of spice and sandalwood would escape the porous tattered luggage and signal memories of the enthused chatter between my prunish, outspoken granny and the greasy ‘stached bazaar merchant.

Bartering was the game of the day. But, at night, it was my granny’s improvisatory blending of her favourite oils that made me wonder just how many women of generations ago appreciated the spirit of an oil? And, again I thought the same when I looked at a bottle of Coop 108 Regenerative Facial Serum ($26.60).

I thought to my lonesome huile-loving self – whose story is in this bottle? Some coop lady’s inventive use of Sweet Almond, Borage Seed, Jojoba, Argan, Carrot Seed oils had created this accessibly affordable blend for those of you looking to try a face oil, but would prefer to enter the world of huile through a lower priced entry point. This is a good choice.

Not only do you support the workmanship of a truly poignant craftsman, whose main means of survival may just be cradled in your hands, but you also get a bottle of eco-pure, organically fresh oils that weren’t mass produced. The Regenerative Facial Serum feels light on skin and largely effuses the elusive freshness of Clary Sage. An ethereal transparency of Geranium, Sweet Orange, Lemon and Rosemary float atop the slightly viscous oil in somewhat of a mellow fashion, but their collective doesn’t introduce any twist that you'd probably hope for. No, this is all about the Clary Sage, qualifying it as a quasi-citrus/woody scent.

The carriers nicely form a dense base of moisture. Skin has a nice sheen to it after the application of the serum, though be sure to slather this one down the neck at night for the complete aromatic treatment. Carrot seed is a premier skin healing oil, preferred by dry and mature skin types alike. The oil's high carotol content gives the serum nice skin-rejuvenative properties as it's commonly recommended for dull, pallid skin, lifeless and tired from the usual environmental stresses.

I don’t know how far the art of blending essential oils goes back in my fam. But, I do wonder when I met my great-grandmother, who she looked about 60, when in fact she was 93. That’s the thing about coops – the comforting traditions passed on through each generation are what make it fun to shop from the respectable ones. You feel so amazing knowing you’re wearing a different kind serum because not only is it reasonably priced, but it also lacks the unwanted anxieties of marketing prose and promise.

Simply – it works. And, it works well.

Price: $$
Scent Classification: Woody
Viscosity: Slightly viscous