Coop 108 India Body Oil

Sandalwood is known to frighten a few of you. And, I know why. Finicky nostrils may sometimes turn up their noses at any medicinal and or pungency escaping through a seemingly spicy blended oil. So, I say for you, few, India Body Oil ($18.99) is the choice for when you crave the Eastern exoticism of scent coupled with the softened delicacy of a diffusive Sandalwood.

I’m rather enjoying India (not for any predisposed ethnocentric reason) for its muted Cardamom notes folded deep within the Jojoba, Sunflower and Sweet Almond carriers. Yes, Sandalwood does present itself early in the slather, but the unhurried mélange of Coriander, Mehndi, Cardamom, Kewra, and Cinnamon bring a mysterious dusting of essentials that scatter across the skin.

The fainted sweet scent is actually quite innocent. The beauty of this oil lies in the richness of its raw materials. Coop 108, a worker driven co-op, was actually founded by an eclectic group of serious tastemakers – two doctors, one wrestler, one bamboo eradication specialist, and a housewife to complete the executive team. Wanting to do more than their full time jobs, the team partnered local and international worker-owned businesses to ensure authentic artisans get their due. And, they do. This particular blend was created by Anasuya Weil, an authoritarian on Tibetan Medicine who lived in India for two years and blended up her memories of these rapturous scents.

The abstract allusion of Kewra brings a surprise twist to what would have been an ordinarily sumptuous scent. Kewra oil (derived from namesake flower) is a fruitier version of the always popular Rose oil. With its sparkling shimmer, Kewra adds an tonal sensuality, though because it’s used in such little quantity, it doesn’t compete with the overarching sweetness of the flanking essences. Cloying, it’s not, I promise. Mehndi oil is rendered to add a nuanced citrus facet here, but again, hushed at best.

If nothing else, this is the most non-scented scent body oil I have ever come across. Feathery light in its viscosity, the indecipherable mellow scent will have you guessing at which essence is rising above the rest. For me, it was the Cardamom. Evocative and interesting, it’s a wonderfully serene choice for everyday wear to help wearers take the edge of anxiety.

Price: $
Scent Classification: Floral, Spicy
Viscosity: Ultralight viscosity