Tipton Charles Mandarin Guava vs. Ocean Body Oils

Yes, this is a two-ffer. Why? Because some like it sweet and some like it not. I’ve got that overweening need for a good body oil. And, I’ve got the whims of every woman – fleeting & fun one day; sensory seriousness the next. I like flowers. I like herbs. I even like musk. Whoddya thunk that last one? Not I. You know, when I first started up my prose on all things oils, musk actually reminded me of my Daddy's Old Spice for Men, not the intelligent warmth that I have come to love today.

So, I started thinking about those oceanic scents so rarely seen in an oil, but so popularly seen in shower gels and the likes. To date, one major brand has launched an aquatic body oil, but the unnamed conglomerate refused to share a sample. Meh, is what the kiddies would say to that. Or, whatevs. I just move on. And, to the charming Tipton Charles I did.

I’ve sorted through many an oil, but these two scented variations stand apart from the clutter and at such reasonably fun price points, really ought to be bought as a pair. Tipton Charles – a breezy brand of botanical luxuries – caters largely to the spa market. But, isn’t it nice to know you can reach for the same quality of body care without spending up to those impossible standards set by your fave spa? I think so. And, Tipton Charles does offer several themed collections of scent faves – Lemon Verbena, Lavender, Grapefruit and more. It’s no secret while I appreciate the basics, my skin and senses always yearn for the never-before-tried-and-no-one-else-makes-it. And, Tipton Charles wins it with the Ocean Bath & Massage Body Oil ($20) and Mandarin Guava Bath & Massage Body Oil ($20).

I can hear the cyber rants – do I pair both together? How does the breezy stir of an aquatic scent layer with fruit? Have you lost it?

No, I haven’t. Nor do I suggest you layer these unless a hearty slather in the name of fun is in order. I suggest both because you’ve done Lavender. You’ve done the rose. And, you’ve probably even done some Sandalwood. Both of these charming blends promise to be an unexpected jumble of notes within their own gentle manners.

But, first - the crux of the care. Tipton Charles Body Oils are from a lightweight, easily absorbed blend of Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Sesame and Sunflower carriers. A jubilant blend of fatty acids and skin-loving vitamins (A, D, E). FAccording to the "Physicians' Desk Reference for Herbal Medicines," sweet almonds contain up to 77% Oleic acid, a form of omega-9 fatty acid. Sweet almonds also contain Linoleic and Palmitic acids. Interesting to note that although Sweet Almond oil is said to be a moisturizer, it's really more of an emollient because it softens skin rather than hydrates it. However, Sweet Almond oil also acts as a humectant to help prevent the loss of moisture.

I often find aquatic scents to be a challenge as really, being a novice at fragrances, I find most tend to veer towards to detergent-y types of clean scents. Not Ocean. All of Tipton Charles’ body products are scented with fragrances (that meet with the stringent regulations set forth by the IFRA: International Fragrance Association) that are based in plant extracts. If the breathtaking view of a sea vista can be bottled, Ocean is it.

Sparkling waves of spirited oceanic notes keep within the purity of an aquatic scent. Vivid in its lush opening, there seems to be a pine-ish sort of element that is harmoniously blended in an easygoing fashion. You smell curls of notes as the scent persists longer than most and induces memories of the last time you sat across the salted winds from breaking waves.

Mandarin Guava is your lush complement to the everyday florals. WARNING: a seriously invigorating fruit scent lies ahead. A sweetened mantle of Guava awakens the senses while the freshest sparkle of Mandarin lends the conventional feminine flourish. As a hair oil, I didn’t want to rinse and repeat, I swear. Stunned by it simplicity, I’m tempted to round up the rest of the ancillaries – I mean lord knows my tootsies could use a weekly soak with some candied sea salts. And, the blending fun with linear, extraverted florals (I mixed with a Rose) makes Sunday afternoon slathering all the more fun.

Go on girl, crazy, sexy, cool layering challenges await you...

Price: $
Scent Classification: Aquatic; Fruity
Viscosity: Ultralight viscosity (2/10)