In Fiore Masque Royale

Is it possible for me to adore, to covet… use a cream? Long time readers know and appreciate how my world of skin care revolves mostly around oils and balms, which really are just thicker oils. But, In Fiore’s Masque Royale ($185) has just ended the transcendent, self-imposed embargo on all things creams.

Masque Royale isn’t a cream per se. But, it is an inexplicable kind of something that matters to the world of huile lovers beyond the basic carrier oils. The treatment is a high-intensity emulsion that battles moisture loss particularly suited for dehydrated or even mature skins in dire need of concentrated repair.

There was a moment not so long ago when the grand house of organic luxury skincare – In Fiore – played its essentials off its carriers with boundless harmony. The two swanky sets of natural elements verge near the edge of madness with their rivaled freshness and immediate potency. And, then came along this mask with its modest roster of organic and wildcrafted ingredients – vegetable wax, Aloe Vera Gel, Safflower/Rosehip/Jojoba Seed/Avocado/Wheat Germ/Rice Bran carriers with Grape Alcohol and In Fiore’s proprietary tincture.

Isn’t it always the darndest thing – that one very element in a formulation that you aren’t privy to makes you just want it all the more?

Not to be cowed by the base above, the audacious blend carries forth with Jasmine Flowers, Calendula, Royal Jelly, Seaweed Extracts, Honey, Grapefruit Seed, Sacred Blue Lily Flower, Rose Absolute & Damascena, Neroli, Honey Suckle, White Peony, Comfrey Leaf, Orange Flower (hydrosol and absolutes of this), White Lotus, Rosemary Leaf, Vetiver Root, and Sage Leaf extracts. Talk about amassing some of serious floral compounds to help restore the density beneath your epidermis.

I say this because not only did I test the treatment on its own over freshly scrubbed skin, but I also used Masque Royal to soothe a hastily peeled face in my usual attempts to lighten my age spots. Masque Royale proves (yet again) how an organic blend of wildcrafted oils is just what the skin appreciates after enduring any one of those tricked out derm treatments. Hungrily, my skin sopped up the mask even when layered twice. And, the morning after? Nary a dry patch in sight. And, likely from the helpful Royal Jelly. Royal Jelly’s powerful properties (a) mixture of proteins, sugars, and nectar) have fascinated people for thousands of years, going back to the time of the ancient Egyptians who used it to keep their skin glowing. It was even used to help preserve the mummies. But, primarily, it contains 10-HDA, a natural fatty acid that may help correct skin barrier dysfunction. Researchers have seen hydration index levels increase by +28.8% and +60.4% after 7 and 21 days with the treatment of 10-HDA (European Journal of Dermatology, 2011 September 22).

And, the scent? The quintessentially delightful Jasmine reigns true to its tradition on In Fiore. Never clean nor predictable, Jasmine and Rose seem invigorating, exciting and original here. Tempered lightly with the sparkle of Orange, the beguiling scent is rendered nearly airy with White Peony and Honeysuckle while the rootier elements stay muted behind. There’s an exhilarating brightness that blooms from an intricate heart when Masque Royale is spread onto the blight of dry skin. Though normal types can actually use it as a lightweight moisturizer day or night.

With complexity and softness, In Fiore does something with its skin care that no other brand does so well. Not one to feel too highbrow and thus, too out of reach, it always manages to bring us some hard-won intellectual discovery from nature in that makes us feel as though the silkened treatment, the diffusive oil, or the genteel balm was made to order just for you.

Nothing is arbitrary at In Fiore. Ever.

Price: $$$$
Scent Classification: Floral
Texture: Light creamy moisturizer