Garden Apothecary Anointing Oil

Etsy - the DIY hub of the cool and creative - seems to be the new hot spot for charming rustic beauty finds. Quintessentially sentimental in the offerings, the owners of Etsy shops are smart si skip over the middle men of marketing and service you direct – from their gardens to your vanity table. And, for soothing freshness on the fly, nothing beats a fresh batch of body oil made when ordered from Etsy.

My debut oil from Etsy stuns upon delivery! And, that is because my usually ADD self went for an oil without seeing its packaging first, Not that precludes any preset requirements, but it’s a good thing I didn’t see the splendorous bottled featured here, else I would have been stalking the UPS truck like a Long Island Lolita.

Behold the cavernous beauty! Its voluminous shape is sure to impress, though skeptics will ask about the cork stopper, but the decanter-esque bottle offers you a similar experience to that of swirling your wine for a full-bodied effect. Without the pompous attitude. But, with the generous surface area, it’s quite brilliant to not only have the 100% natural essences of Cacao, Cardamom, and Blue Lotus outfitted inside an esthetically pleasing bottle, but also to have the unsullied essentials re-energized with each pour. Which is exactly what Jenn Segale, founder of Garden Apothecary, says to do before using the insuperably elegant oil.

Jenn’s Etsy line of garden-based products have been a staple in the pages of People and Vogue for staying true to the idea of organic cultivation at WildFlower Farms in the sleepy city of Half Moon Bay. Her Anointing Oil ($25) promises to grab your attention when you first open.

The translucency of Blue Lotus is underscored by the languorous vibrancy of Cardamom and the teasing richness of Cacao. The scent smells enchanting as it nicely highlights the sensory pleasure of Cardamom and its bold character. Fans of the spicier blends will appreciate Cardamom’s whispery overtures, but should also know this is a softly sweetened variation. I can imagine this oil to blend extraordinarily well with Vanilla anything, turning any usually candied banal scent into something a bit more inviting.
"The Cardamom notes really balance the Blue Lotus and cacao... makes it so they all don't smell too much like food, more sensual" - Jenn

Jenn's Cardamom is enveloped by Cacao, thanks to her penchant for chocolate. Whereas most obsessions run dry over time, Jenn's choco-bliss inspired a trip to Belize, where she embarked on a botanical journey through the local jungles and ragged caves of the country. It was here where she developed a kinship with a local a cacao farmer, Eladio Pop, who shared with her the intricacies of growing, harvesting and roasting cacao. She's been smitt ever since.

The interesting accords are blended within the sole carrier - Almond oil. According to the "Physicians' Desk Reference for Herbal Medicines," sweet almonds contain up to 77% omega-9 fatty acids and hefty doses of Vitamin E. Although Sweet Almond Oil is said to be a moisturizer, it's really more of an emollient (while helping minimize discolourations) because it softens skin rather than hydrates it.

Nothing is artificial or trite in this oil. Much like the folks behind some of the great pop up shops on Etsy. And, much like Jenn. You’ll appreciate the attention given to each entirely faithful, memorably striking bottle – each blended with the utmost care & thought. You don’t believe my gushy review? Just ask Jenn – she can’t keep the blend in stock.

Price: $$
Scent Classification: Spicy
Viscosity: Moderate viscosity