Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips

Lano-what? Nipple Balm? For which lips? O.M.G. Did I really go there? I know, I know. Stop giving me lip service about my double entendres and start slicking up your pouty pair with Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips ($14.50), the coolest balm to soften up crepey lines and plump up skin from within.

Dry lips are an annoying inevitability for any gal. And, with just about every corner shop, department store counter, and online blender touting their goops and creams, some of you will appreciate this gem in a tube. The ingredients? Well, it aint’ plural, that’s ‘fo sure. I know, I know. Enough of the street speak. The only thing that promises to quench up the parch is Lanolin.

Lanolin (German, from Latin lāna, "wool", and oleum, "oil") is also called wool wax or wool grease. The medical grade version is what you’re getting here. Lanolin owes its outstanding emollient qualities to the fact that in addition to its semi-occlusive capabilities, it’s also capable of allowing the bi-directional transportation of water. The pro’s have also shown how similar Lanolin is to our very own lipid. Because of the polar nature of its compounds, Lanolin has powerful emulsifying properties. This means that it can bind high amounts of water by forming stable emulsions. On skin, the jelly-like balm is actually distributed into the intercellular space of the outermost skin layer. To prevent this intercellular water from evaporation, Lanolin lipids form a semi-occlusive film on the skin and create a protective barrier.

All that superpower science in this teeny tube? Dr. Lipp’s fantastic balm has shown to reduce roughness on your skin by up to 40% in one hour. And, this without any chemicals, preservatives, fragrances, dyes, or any other chemical offender that you know to annoy. And, nt just for the lips, you can use this balm to heal up shaving nicks or waxing scrapes for those why-did-I-do-this-at-home quick fixes that we all have tried but never admit to.

Enthused chatter aside, I’m a sticky balm type of gal. Well, at least during the day, when I appreciate the honeyed tackiness to last between my presentations. And, this clear gel-like balm does just that. Nicely so when slicked over a fade resistant liner, too. Because of its dense spreadability, you can also bank on the tube lasting longer than a chappy sludge stick.

Lips wear a gilded shine throughout the day. You know…the pretty lips…I know, I know…I keed, I keed.

Price: $$
Scent Classification: None
Texture: Sticky gloss