Amala Treatment Oil

Cocoa; you probably think of it as a delectable treat on its own or in milk, swirls of sweetness darkening the palate as it diffuses across the tongue. But, Cocoa extracts are also used in skin care creams and lotions as skin softening agents. Today’s newest trends also include the use of these extracts for anti-aging and anti-oxidative stress and help in that constant fight against free radical damage on your skin.

The Cocoa Bean has been shown to help restore elasticity and stimulate circulation thanks to its natural concentration of caffeine. And, it’s found in Amala Treatment Oil ($186). Amala’s Cocoa hails from an organic farm in Peru, organically cultivated and collected to help maintain skin's optimal hydration level in an oil form.

Mind you – this isn’t a plug some for choco-smelling oil. The extract is blended with mostly Andiroba oil. Say what? Now, that’s a carrier you haven’t likely seen before. Extracted from the compressed seeds of the Amazonian tree carapa, Andiroba primarily functions as anti-inflammatory agent and skin conditioner. Brimming with the usual list of essential fatty acids, Amala’s serum helps even out spotty skin with the superpotent base. Organic Jojoba, Sunflower Seed, Acai Berry, Brazil Nut, and Vitamin E oils bring a fresh lightness to the texture. But, hidden within these basics is Wild Amaranthus Caudatus Seed oil, which has shown to be a proven nutraceutical with high promises for its work on renewing skin.

There’s a special kind of grace with Amala. Perhaps, it’s the subtlety of the scent or the rarity of opting for an unusually distinct carrier over the norm. Whatever it is, Amala gets it to work. All treatments (with 97% of plant ingredients produced by organic agriculture.) are certifed by NaTrue, the European authority for natural and organic cosmetic standards. Cordially in awe of the price tag (yes, I’m sure you wondered if it was a typo – it’s not), the treatment will keep you in limbo. To splurge or not?

As you silently click-click-tap-tap away on Google in search of some falsely promised holy grail serum, I’d say yes, do try. And, that’s because every lady’s skin should have that one, fearlessly heroic serum to use in concert with your mainstay products for skin that is overworked. If it’s not your eye cream, it should be your serum. The juxtaposition of tonality and essentials is just as unique as its carrier oil. The scent starts out with the familiar sweetness of Vanilla interspersed with hints of Lemon Peel and Rose. Forming a raw silky veil on skin, Ylang Ylang helps transition the flow into a something more of that floral informality we all reach for to comfort distressed skin. Delicate and pretty with an appealing cleanness, really. Bergamot? Missed by my nostrils, but perhaps will reach for yours.

I’m rather liking Amala’s branding, which smartly veers away from the highbrow haughtiness seem with so many overpriced serums that offer little by way of any supposed potency. Rather, the gratuitous freshness I can feel and smell in this oil makes it worth the time to discover.

Price: $$$$
Scent Classification: Floral
Viscosity: Ultralight viscosity (2/10)