1967 Jiva Apoha

“If a time machine could exist, what era would you want to see up close?”

“The 60s.”


Far too long to answer. But, it’s suffice to say if you took a sneak peek at my Ipod, my Bollywood 60s playlist would be the best way to summarize my penchant for the cultural realizations, fantastic bouffants, and of course, the perennial cat eye flutter. Liberation and legacies aside, I would have been a screeching Beatles fan, smitten at sight of George’s brooding good lucks. I would have rejected any sense of political correctness and burned baby burned. LSD? Probably not. Maharishi’s theatrical egomania? Definitely not.

So, who would have thought a body oil could ferret out those sensibilities on skin? Not I. Until 1967 ($80) by Jiva Apoha scattered across the skin with its opulent bohemian scent. Rich with Easter influence, the oil is less mod-ish and more free-loving in spirit. Just as music served as the impetus for the vibrancy of emerging countercultures, this oil is akin in intent to today’s hearty herbs and flouncy florals.

A hippie Sandalwood – creamy, almost milkened – plays expertly off Ginger and Patchouli in a way that stuns you upon its opening. The three has a near passionate affinity for each other, seamlessly woven through the beta-carotene enriched Sunflower base. According to Aging Skin Net, exposure to free radicals and sunlight increases the rate at which your skin ages, and it may even cause wrinkles and fine lines to pop up early. The antioxidants found in Sunflower oil, along with daily sunscreen, can help reduce your risk of developing premature signs of aging, which makes this a good choice for using on your exposed décolleté and arms.

Undeniably sensual at its core, 1967 is transcendental in a way. Leading you towards serenity is the delicious undertone of Cinnamon Bark oil, which prevents the scent from veering into spicy territory but rather melding into an indelible warmth. Vetivert – also known as the oil of tranquility in India – is tender in its caress though offers a pleasing blend of rooty exoticism to the blend.

The lasting power is what always amazes me about Jiva Apoha’s oils. More often than not, these radically ambitious oils almost match up to the persistence of a great perfume oil. Wickedly satisfying, I cannot believe this is a Patchouli I actually like. But, that’s what I trust Jiva Apoha to bring me – the sincerity of raw luxury.

Hippie, hippie shake your bottle is what I'm feeling.

Price: $$$
Scent Classification: Oriental Woody
Viscosity: Moderately viscous (5/10)