Soivohle Jasmine Summer

Yeah, you try pronouncing that brand. I’m not even going to embarrass myself with doing so. But, what I will do is tell you about why I’ve stark mad over this perfume oil. Jasmine Summer. My tale of woe began when the always effusive Carrie M. sent me a sampling of this beauticious botanical greatness in a bottle. First, my prelude.

I’m not a fragrance blogger by any means. Hopelessly uninformed, I'll say it loud n' proud - I don’t feign to blog about how some recently requited scent reminds me of some Euro pop artist whom I’ve never seen about or of some classical baroque composition that I’ve never heard of. But, I am absurdly sentimental about the few I covet since I began exploring the widely under appreciated abstractions of natural perfume oils and their force of scent. A cultish group they are – names never seen at Sephora, brands that exude far more luxury than one at Bloomingdales. This is where the overflowing sensory pleasures lie – the hidden abyss of perfume appreciation shared only by bloggers in the know. And, maybe…just maybe, the NY Times on occasion. And, so it is I credit the darling Carrie for introducing me to my most favourite rendition of Jasmine thus far in my blogging career.

Now, the glittering gem of a perfume oil. Jasmine Summer ($30 & up). With obsessional scents, it’s always the Jasmine that I vet out first and foremost. The intrigue for I isn’t just how the scent lays on my skin, but how so many a perfumers experiment with the fleeting tenacity of Jasmine. After ducking down to the wrist to sniff, too often I arise crestfallen. Disappointed. Almost hurt by the blatant vagaries of the poor, misfortuned Jasmine and the muck it’s been blended within.

Not my precious Jasmine Summer. It’s perfection as far as my non-nuanced nose is concerned. Light with a pleasant sweetness, Liz Zorn’s interpretation plays around White Jasmine. A lacy Key Lime segues into Tropical Fruits, Plumeria and Wild Berries, while an affable Lily of the Valley ushers in the final intoxicating thrush of a crystalline finish. Delicate and opulent, it’s a clean Jasmine. Smooth and balanced despite the challenging essences afoot. As the drydown continues, the perfume oil becomes more luminous in its unfold.

My perfume world (as limited and sparse as it has been) has been long shattered since wearing Jasmine Summer. But, I have to thank Carrie M. for sharing this crisp, original scent.

On second that…hold that thought. My temperamental cash-strapped self may not be so welcoming to the idea of charge up the Cologne Aqueous appropriation for my usually fearless, spritz-happy self.

Carrie – my Visa may want to thank you, but I…

Price: $$$
Scent Classification: Light Floral