L’Apothecary British Blend

Crickey! A face oil from across the pond? And, that a specially hand-blended, limited edition one? Ah, the British, known for their refined and cultured ways (and unruly wild cats Amy Winehouse), are beyond hip to organic oils. White gloves and subculture notoriety aside, the UK market for organic beauty has been growing steadily and stealthy. Not, a surprise as some of the coolest brands in beauty today (Ciate have recently garnered my attention deficit on nails) are British imports.

What Jo Malone did for shower gels back in the 90s, L’Apothecary may just do for face oils next. The ace brand has quite the cred behind the cutesy logo and branding. The business duo has a legal eye complemented by a partner with a background in forensic science and pharma drug approvals. Uh, can you say this tag team knows a thing or two about skin and ingredients? Brill!

Fans of greenery and herbs would be barmy not to try the British Blend ($32) created to commemorate those perennial British herbs in time for this summer’s Olympics). I haven’t a face treatment that explodes with earthy top notes from the always easy to wear Rosehip oil. With an androgynous opening, the dishy scent gets you at its first whiff – an immediate and familiar Lavender flanked by the grace of Sage and fully aromatic wafts of Rosemary. It' a balance thing with careful deliberation. To say it’s a green or even grassy would be luvvly-jubbly enough, though I’d say it’s romantic in its tender character. Don't roll an eye at the premise of these classics. All three of the gleeful essentials segue into each other quite nicely without feeling the need to topple with one pronounced spring-y scent. The remarkable freshness of Sage is what lingers most. There’s an innate leafy richness that will truly tug at the hearts of herb lovers and get them off their trolley to order.

Delightfully entrenched in Rosehip (the sole carrier), the extraordinarily light oil seeps in upon contact. Appreciated to help facilitate cell turn-over and reveal luminous skin, Rosehip here can easily be used as a serum underneath a cream, if needed at all. The weightless feel is ideal for acne-ic skins, as if you break out, Rosehip has been proven to prevent scarring from wayward zits. Rosehip oil is also an excellent source of topical trans-retinoic acid (vitamin A) in a natural form, which is a safe alternative to the harshness of Retin-A. Light enough for under the eyes, the British Blend excels in its sheer simplicity – suave at first, sexy at last. And, it’s this teetering between the feminine and masculine that gives the oil a smashing scent.

I’d give the oil the gold for having such verve in its verdant harmony.

Price: $$
Scent Classification: Green, Herby
Viscosity: Ultralight viscosity (1/10)