Korres Cherry Lip Gloss

The Rose Cherry Lip Gloss by Korres ($17) is pretty much a realistic vignette of its namesake colour. Make no mistake as this isn’t just another gloss with another heaping dose of Vitamin E pledged to soften up lips. Korres introduces a line a semi-opaque glosses using Cherry oil is the key fixative.

Blended with both sweet & bitter Cherry oils is Jojoba (and some good ‘ole wax for consistency) gives you a high shine, lip plumping gloss tinged ever so slightly with the cherubic sweetness of Cherry. Among the beauty glories from Athen, Cherry Oil is a rarer one; it boasts of Vitamins A, B, C, and E, minerals, pantothenic acid, and one rare fatty acid called eleostearic, a linolenic acid that prevents UV absorption by forming a natural sunscreen on the surface of the skin.

The Rose is an interesting shade – far more poignant than the usual nudes & beiges. It’s a glossy pink with the smatterings of gold flecks suspended just right in the formulation. Think not of those disco 80s glitter chunking up your nails these days. Non-tacky in feel, here the light reflecting effects of the glimmer blends superbly well on most skin tones and wears nicely over liner. I used Mac’s Buerre for helping the gloss last through a lunch meeting without fear of feathering.

It’s one of the most freshest and magnetic lip glosses hitting the market this spring. Though, now I still want that Naked Beige, too.