Kō Denmark Body Oil

This oil is minimalism & elegance as reflected through Jasmine Sambac. And, that is what we’ve come to appreciate from the Danish. Henriette Holst, the founder of Kō Denmark, has created a bright & cheery body oil ($45) not from the need to introduce a flanking accessory to her wildly popular perfume oil, but from a high school chemistry experiment that called for her to make soap from all natural oils like Jojoba for a class project. Henriette loved the fun so much, she continued making soaps for her inner circle until a couple of years ago, when she launched her brand an expanding into a fledging body care line based on the simplicity of the blend & design.

Kō Denmark means ‘the little one’ but mind you there’s nothing little about the classically sensual mélange of essences that rush out of the curiously sleek bottle, which is no doubt a nod to Henriette’s Danish heritage. First off, the body oil is certified and has no parabens, perfume, sulfates, mineral oil, or artificial colours. It’s as pure as can be for sensitive skins.

I’m often asked what makes for a good body oil – treatment? Scent? Packaging? Yes. And, then comes the blank stare. Body oils fill a variety of needs – dry skin, fragrance harmonizing, and sometimes even portability. This body treatment does all three. At least for me. Lightly viscous, the skin softener uses Safflower, Apricot Kernel, Sweet Almond, Jojoba, Olive and Aloe carriers to comprise the richness of moisture. While most of the oils bring the requisite antioxidant effects and fatty acid plumping action, Aloe oil is of interest. Clinical trials yield strong evidence of Aloe's ability to cure dry skin disorders as the plant’s curative powers do, in fact, stand up to scientific scrutiny. Did you know there are more than 200 chemical compounds in Aloe Vera and a number of them help heal dry skin? In short, its super-rich content Vitamin C, E and Zinc stimulate the epidermal growth and the skin repair process when damaged. Aloe Vera also contains Keratin and Panthenol, which makes it an excellent hair care agent. Considering Aloe oil is listed pretty high up on the roster of ingredients, this would make the body oil a good choice for conditioning dry scalps and ends, too.

Abandon your prejudice of Jasmine. Luminous in the most innocent of fragrant ways, there is a fresh clarity with the inner rush of Indian Sambac, which is nicely reimagined by a sparkling Tunisian Neroli. A gentle sweetness peeks from within, likely from the Bulgarian Rose. The purity of scent doesn’t leave a sweet impression on skin, but rather a quasi-citrus-y one as the Rose has a slightly subtler radiance than the Neroli. Rosemary & Neem are daring touches to what is a strongly floral scent, but you’d never notice their presence tucked deep within. The oil is alluring with an interesting progression towards the subliminally softened Neroli with a pleasant sweetness. Despite having sharply reduced the elements on the label, the oil has quite a welcomed textural richness.

What’s nice about Kō Denmark is the brand also offers a roll on perfume with the same essences, which allows you to harmonize your splashes of Jasmine for longer lasting power. And, the enviably slim plastic bottle makes it an easy to travel with oil, tucking nicely into your gym bags.

Giveaway: Now, for my first foray into some blogging fun. You know of my disdain for shameless marketing self-promotions and that extends to my stance on giveaways. While I’ve never felt the need to host giveaways to drive possibly manipulated metrics to this blog (you are here because you want to be, not because I bribed you to be), I’m thrilled to announce Kō Denmark is excited to send one (1) lucky reader a generous, full sized bottle of this unmistakably uplifting elixir. And, I am equally thrilled to have readers learn more about niche brands with much promise making their attentive impact in the beauty space. To enter, get to Kō Denmark’s Twitter page, follow the brand, & tweet me the answer or leave a comment below:

What Jasmine, Neroli, Rose based product would you like to see launched from the brand next? #KoTrifecta

One commenter* will be randomly picked & announced on Twitter on Friday May 18, 2012 at 12:00 PST.

Fruitful oils & dialogues belong together.

Price: $$$
Scent Classification: Floral
Viscosity: Slightly viscous (3/10)

*U.S. residents, please. Winner will need to contact me within 3 days or we'll find us another lucky commenter.