Jiva Apoha Kama (Love) Body Oil

Body oils inherently remind me of the chaste & fiery practice called sola singaar – an ancient, Indian practice of adoring one’s self in excited anticipation for…oh wellthe deed with 16 separate beauty accoutrements. The tradition hails from the divine folds of Sanskrit and includes perfume as the systematic seducer of the opposite sex. Sure, the mythic courtesans used Rose & Sandalwood liberally to enhance the powers of their prowess, but Jiva Apoha’s Kama (Love) Body Oil ($80) would have made these maidens drop either of two in favour of Ylang Ylang.

To harmonious blend Ylang Ylang with a musk and induce a righteously heady result that will keep him begging at the knees is a challenge. Most blenders tend to add to its tropical opulence by layering it with additional florals akin in spirit and flourish. Angela Shore (founder of Jiva Apoha) does it differently. What makes this a striking manifestation of Ylang Ylang is the synergy between the 100% pure Black Musk, Water Lily, and Lotus oils foiled ornately in a base of Sesame & Sunflower carriers. Overly sheer, the result is mischievous irresistible & adventurous.

Water Lily and Lotus rest softly over the enticing musk making the scent slightly aloof yet teasing on the edge of a racy finish. Renegade without fault, it’s seriously unlike anything else out there in the market with a classically fresh smell while elevating the intrigue of Black Musk. Uncannily light, the suave oil sinks nicely, but you’ll wish for the scent to last longer, almost with the poetic sillage of a perfume one. Happily, I've even tried wearing it as one in the vain hope the scent will last with the sentiment to stir up the passions. It almost does...

Sesame Seed oil is rich in antioxidants, but ironically it pulls toxins from your skin which prevents blackheads and fades dark spots. The carrier also brings Vitamin E, lecithin, minerals, proteins, and amino acids to skin allowing it to function as an anti-inflammatory. This comes in handy when using the body oil over acneic backs or soothing post-waxed areas under arms or even…way…down…there.

Ethereal in scent, refined in texture, there’s no denying the memorable richness & mysticism of Kama. If sexy can be bottled up, Jiva Apoha has done it here. Quite frankly, I do have my share of favourite regulars on my vanity table, but I cannot get enough of this soil. So much so, my bottle is shamelessly near half-empty just from getting this review up. It’s quite a magnificent elixir when you fall back onto something so non-descript from what you already have tried before. That’s the marvel of Jiva Apoha – Angela’s imaginative blends never cease to inspire a quiver of glee.

Price: $$$$
Scent Classification: Floral Musk
Viscosity: Ultralight viscosity (1/10)