Badger Vanilla Orchid Antioxidant Oil

By itself, Vanilla Orchid Antioxidant Oil ($21.99) you'd hardly say the bottle is considered of any contextual kitsch. Rather, my experience, thus far, with Badger Balm leads me to suspect the brand is in cahoots with some serious aromatherapist tucked away in their environmentally conscious Badger mines. Sure, the CEO, Badger Bill (as he likes to be called), discovered long back how his penchant for essential oils and herbs can do wonders for his thickly calloused hands from carpentry. But, considering the company has a face oil in addition to a line of comfortable and unassuming body oils, something tells me Badger’s genial appreciation for oils is going to get us many more fun treatments to come.

Sensibly priced for the budget conscious shopper, the USDA approved Vanilla Orchid Antioxidant Oil is a creamy mélange Grapefruit & Sicilian Orange essentials blended with certified organic Jasmine & Vanilla Orchid fragrances. At first glance, you’ll be tempted to reach for the bottle in that vain hope of finding an Orchid-based body oil, but, the Vanilla Planifolis is simply the flowering plant from which you can extract vanillin. It’s one of the more unusually fleeting scents due to the zest of Grapefruit, which rises above the Sicilian Orange. And, even that occurs in a flash of an eye before the oil settles into the scent of…well, an oil.

Jojoba, extra virgin Olive, Pomegranate, Sea Buckthorn are the key carriers (also certified organic) with CO2 extracts of Rosehip. Fret not, as the amber-ish oil doesn’t smell like an oil, but anyone familiar with Sea Buckthorn will know that its slightly musky scent is likely overshadowing the zest of the essences here. Shucks, as the Sicilian Orange definitely imparts a quiet, classical aura with a vivid verdancy, if you can catch it quick enough.

Serious skin treating will happen here. Sea Buckthorn has high levels of omega-3, -7 and -9; and Vitamins C, E, B1, B6 and beta-carotene and is known to provide a natural UV protection for the skin. While Pomegranate Seed goes to work on scaly, dry elbows and knees to regenerate skin revealing a softer version.

For those who’d like a body oil without a persistent scent, this is a worthy one to consider. Despite the duo of sparkling essentials, it would be somewhat naïve to think essentials equate to perfume-y or something obvious of the sort. Here, you’ll get a bare basic body oil that can be put to instant use anywhere – body, hair, nails, etc. without offending the nose or fragrance you wear.

The naturalness of simplicity can sometimes bring a far more pleasant surprise with undeniable results.

Price: $$
Scent Classification: Floral
Viscosity: Slightly viscous (3/10)