Ayala Moriel White Potion & Megumi Body Oils

Ayala Moriel creates from an soulful edge in the perfumery world. And, it’s not just with any soul per se, but with a rush of rave mysticism that allows her fragrances and oils to rejoice on skin with their usually inexplicable intricate blends. But, this time around I found two body oils, which lend a peculiar synergistic quality when paired together, bringing both an intrigue with complexity and sensuality. But, on their own, White Potion Sensual Anointing Body Oil ($25) and Megumi Anointing Body Oil ($25) are equally vivid in their quiet elegance.

The first of the two is a hearty blend of Tuberose, Coconut, and Sandalwood is comes off quite marvelous. Sandalwood isn’t as pronounced as the two complementary essentials, how does accent the creamy Tuberose on the sly. As the oil warms up on skin, the Coconut seemingly disappears into the lush Tuberose and is transformed from any mundane milkiness into something a bit more tropic and fun. Be assured as the Sandalwood is felt much later, but not with any overt duskiness you’re used to smelling. The essences are blended into plumpy Fractionated Coconut, Jojoba, and Shea oils while Squalene (olive-derived) delivers on its promise to regenerate lackluster skin into something more velvety.

White Potion releases scent better on the skin than from the bottle. Salycilates in Tuberose tend to get camouflaged in the oil bases & remain dormant. They won't wake up until they hit a warm living skin - Ayala

I like my Tuberose scents a bit green. When the mood strikes, of course. And, strike it did. Megumi is an interesting aromatic foretaste of Vetiver and Jasmine, which just brings amazing, unbound possibilities here. Both, equally balanced, are startling on the skin. Mind you, repeat sniffs will follow as the ever so askew Vetiver has a roundabout earthiness to which Jasmine gleefully folds into. The unconventional pairing is so attuned to the naturalness of skin (with the teensiest hints og Ginger & Cardamom), you’ll actually wonder how come we haven’t seen this before? Thank Ayala for imagining up some kind of natural faceted oil for us. Rice Bran oil is the preferred carrier (which offers a small degree of sun protection), in addition to the abovementioned flanking ones. Perhaps, this is what makes this version slightly more akin to a dry oil, as Rice Bran of the best sources of tocotrienol, an easily penetrable antioxidant which may be many times more powerful and effective than Vitamin E itself.

Now, the fun. Infuse the two together and you’ve create what turns into a chypric flourish suffused with a light touch of Jasmine that doesn't impair the Tuberose but rather gives it a freshened nymph-like feel and seductively so. That’s the thing about oils when bought in petite sizings. The inimitable layering challenges that you can knowingly adulterate can lead you to some pretty spirited compositions that coexist only in your space and only for your whims.

A fitting luxury for fun, if you ask me.

Price: $$$
Scent Classification: Woody, Floral
Viscosity: Ultralight viscosity (2/10)