In Fiore Comfrey Solution Botanique

The list of reasons why I love Comfrey Solution Botanique ($90) by In Fiore are many and miscellaneous – the oil is bottled up in company’s the signature burgundy flacon; you can smell the coniferous Comfrey by sniffing at the cap before opening; it’s not Lavender; it reminds you of some medicinal treatment you can trust to work; and well, it’s by In Fiore, so you know you'll be getting som up street luxury without a doubt. Comfrey plant's roots and leaves (which blossom in a rosette pattern) are prized for their ancient medicinal properties, such as anti-inflammatory components used to allay skin wounds and irritation. As such, Comfrey Solution Botanique is part of In Fiore launch of new body care, which bridges medicinal essences with intense weeks-on-end infusions to get the immune system going.

Results of Comfrey’s wound healing work have been published in the “British Medical Journal” as early as 1912, though Catholic monks (who were considered the primary healers of their day) were known to harvest & infuse the herb as a cleansing agent long before systematic record keeping gave it some respect. Scientists later uncovered that Comfrey contains allantoin, a chemical that protects the skin and promotes new skin cell growth and is said to help ‘knit’ cells back together after a laceration or abrasion. Think sunburns or shaving nicks here.

In Fiore’s modern day yet organically cultivated Comfrey is deeply infused within cold-pressed, thinly textured Grapeseed Oil. It’s actually weeks later that wild harvested Nettle Leaves (rich in phenolic acid) are added to further the healing process. With Avocado, Jojoba Seed, Vitamin E carriers interspersed between flutters of Lavender Flower, Frankincense, Neroli and Helichrysum Flower essences, the result is something quite ebullient in proportion. And, that is because…well, it’s not just Lavender.

The essences melt beautifully onto skin, even if distressed from within. I religiously took along the bottle with me to my thrice-a-week physical therapy sessions (I was rear-ended viciously back in Dec), as why have the PT use some of her banal, mineral oil based crap, when I could let the sore muscles satiate themselves with something a bit more contrasting in nature. As my PT’s frail fingers dug deep into my tightened fibers, the tension did seem to meld away with Comfrey on her fingertips. And, it’s not the quiet kind, either. Let’s just say, patients from beyond the curtain were asking the staff what characteristically alluring scent was that and where was it coming from?

It was from this bottle of relief enveloping my tired back with hints of a cool, gracefully earthy edge. The fizz of Neroli adds a sweetened touch to the composition, but one that is so gentle in its accent, I’d suspect only a seasoned nose would find its peek-a-boo twist. Even the conventional bands of Lavender seems spruced up in freshness, as it’s nicely congruous with Comfrey’s intriguing wooden silkiness bringing a sort of unapologetic androgynous bent to the wholly folkloric blend. Yes, men may very well find this ultra-inviting, as well.

The body oil is In Fiore’s first hurrah at fusing the studious interplay of medicine-like oils in a crisp, formal balance. You haven’t tried anything quite like this perfect tribute to Comfrey, so if you’re ready to move beyond the banalities of Lavender, the retro spirit of this futuristic oil is just what the doctor would order. Well, one from yesteryear, at least.

Price: $$$$
Scent Classification: Sharp Herbaceous
Viscosity: Ultralight viscosity (2/10)