Icon India Oil

I’ve often wished I could dive into pools of Amber or float freely among Rose petals scattered in a shimmering waterfall tucked neatly within the guild of some long-forgotten ancestral Mughal place. Elephants ambling about would be nice. Too much any one essential might seem like a dream (well, mine at least), but for Icon’s hair products, essences are the way to heal the senses. In India, oils to hair are like water hugging a shore. The two cannot mutually exist without the other. Most hair treatments are derived from the tradition of Ayurveda, the 5000-year old system of holistic healing that originated in India. Ancient sages believed hair, roots, scalp, and tips all need to be nourished regularly and the right oil remedies created by hand in their shadowy bodegas would accelerate lush growth of strengthened hair, prevent hair loss and dandruff, and just maybe delay the onset of wiry greys. Well, I don’t know about that last one, but can promise Icon’s India Oil ($37) will deliver on the former few.

India oil is an ultra-refined treatment richly scented with the smolder of an amorphous, un-spicy Amber, which is blended between Argan and Moringa oils. It’s quite a striking, resiny Amber in its fullness, softened slightly by a Vanillic underpinning. And, it won’t lose you attention as massaging the oil in does instantaneously relax you. While you’ve already appreciated Argan’s high content of Omega-6, vitamin E and polyphenols (which has been reported to stimulate the keratin produced), Moringa oil is the newbie to love, too.

Rich in palmitoleic, oleic and linoleic acids, Vitamins A & C, Moringa oil brings superb moisturizing qualities as it blends easily with essential oils. But, in addition to this, the oil also boasts a high amount of collagen (almost 4 times that of Carrot Seed), which helps with healing wounds. For itchy, dry scalps, this is what will soothe the skin and eliminate the dandruff flakes quick enough. More fun facts on Moringa:
  • It has 4 times as much Vitamin A as a carrot
  • 17 times the Calcium as milk
  • 15 times as much Potassium as a banana
  • 25 times the iron in Spinach
Sensitive skins need not worry, as the treatment is paraben-free and vegan (though not entirely organic). The pared down oil has a nice slip to it (unlike most hair oils), which helps it wash out easily even after a 30-minute drench that cocoons every strand with antioxidants. After rinsing, hair is left glossy and softened like silk even after just one use.

Icon products are professional, salon grade treatments, so you can click here to locate where to personally pick up a fresh bottle of the juicy hair plumper. The progressive India collection also includes a Moringa/Argan rich shampoo, conditioner, and the newly launched, leave-in healing spray, which has the same composition as the oil but with added Aloe Leaf and hydrolyzed proteins from Quinoa to penetrate the shaft and treat deeply while you style. No, grease here, either. This spray gives hair a subtle, natural-looking sheen and is so light that you won't feel any trace of product. Perfect for spring’s sexy ponytails and tousled waves.

They say you can’t invent much in a hair oil, but Icon proves otherwise. This supreme oil quenches the thirstiest hair, calms frizz, elevates shine, and restores hair to supernatural softness with regular, weekly use.

Price: $$$
Scent Classification: Ambery
Viscosity: Medium viscosity (4/10)