By Nieves C Perfect Skin

If you’re still ingrained to the idea that essential oils (and their toned down carrier counterparts) still lack that kick in their formulations, By Nieves will get you to think twice. And, that’s because the “C” Perfect Skin ($35) isn’t just another face oil, but it’s a treatment created to brighten up lackluster skin. Say what? Can an oil do more than moisturize?

Naysayers will quickly dismiss the Jojoba by saying, “Been there, done that.” Yeah, but they haven’t tried a face serum complemented with Ascorbyl Palmitate – more commonly know as an oil soluble Vitamin C. You know it's a wickedly strong antioxidant, but new evidence suggests that, in addition to ‘mopping up’ free radicals, Vitamin C can help remove the DNA damage they form, if they get past the cell’s defenses. Now, the oil tells a different story. Not only do the organic Evening Primrose, Sesame, and Jojoba oils nurture dehydrated skin from within, but Vitamin C coupled with Benzoin Resins helps spotty discolourations fade naturally. As with all things organic, it’s not going to happen overnight. But, with dedicated use day & night, the “C” Perfect Skin serum provides gentle and effective cell renewal while instantly lifting and resurfacing skin texture. A plant-derived Squalane helps the elixir readily penetrate within skin.

This is the kind of serum you’ll want to use after any at-home facial as its roster of essences runs aplenty. The oil is a radiant blend of Frankincense, Palmarosa and Lavender, with the bite of Cedar playing off the resinous juices from the heart. Rose is suffused deep within the layered carriers, but not lush enough to notice. The scent results in quite an autumnal feel, potent enough to relax the senses upon the first drops. It ends with an airy quality without allowing the resin to bear down on the tender Lavender. Rosemary brings an astringent touch for oilier skins as well.

Given the juicy oils bottled with a curious yet charming retro edge in the amber-coloured, earth-friendly jar (to protect the potency), it’s not wonder By Nieves was awarded "Best Local Skincare Line" by SF Weekly. At such a reasonable price point, the serum lends a rarified note of luxury in the most unpretentious of ways. Quite the perfect starter oil for anyone curious to skip over overhyped serums in favour of natural healthfulness for skin.

Price: $$
Scent Classification: Green
Viscosity: Slightly viscous (3/10)