By Nieves The Balm

Good news, ladies! You’ve ditched the parabens from your skincare, but what about ditching them way down there? Ok, as it wasn’t confusing enough to figure out what’s safe to put on your skin, you may want to re-consider what you put in your skin. I got to thinking about balms and how most organic mavens are hip to the salacious fluff found among their ingredient lists. What about Astroglide? No, I wasn’t thinking about the product per se, but then came across a balm that is specifically created to address the concern that lubricants can cause cellular damage, some more than others. While the study surely sparks some concerns, why take a chance even if a definitive no isn’t so clear?

A quick glance at Astroglide’s makeup shows it’s made from water (which you can get at home), glycerin (which you can get online), and the rest from glycols and parabens – two not-so-organic things the organic industry has been shunning. Got intimate needs to lube up? By Nieves The Balm ($40) is a saucy organic alternative to the goop from the drugstore. Good enough to eat, actually.

A sex balm, did I say, and that so without ridicule? Ok, well, it’s actually an all-purpose balm (a great hand job, if I may say so myself as batches are made fresh), designed to remedy dry skin anywhere on the bod. You can use on dehydrated faces, ragged cuticles and even condition your frayed ends with it as its largely made from Coconut oil, which has a unique chemical structure that allows the oil to absorb all the way into each hair shaft to replenish moisture that has been lost through damage to the hair. Coconut’s Lauric Acid also bring antibacterial, antiviral and antimicrobial qualities, which wards off any…ahem…uninvited allergans. While Soy Wax gives the balm a teensy bit of structure, Sesame oil is what turns the every day balm into a nourishing oasis with a bit of slip. Help for your love glove, if you will. Chafing, begone!

And, to help any lukewarm ladies get worked up if the hopeless sputtering of his pillow talk doesn’t inspire, the melt-in-your-hands balm is scented with delicate essences. A restrained Virginia Cedar imparts room for scatterings of sweetened Lavender and Orange while the sharpened opulence of Ylang Ylang (an uplifting aphrodisiac) adds a gorgeously feminine feel. And, let’s face it – the earth friendly, decorative jar is far prettier to leave on the nightstand than a slimey tube.

In your heart of hearts, you know to safe in every which possible. And, that does mean you ought to consider dumping those nasty parabens for something a little sweet, a little edible, and a lot more fun. And, just an FYI - the balm may just become his new best friend, as Cosmo says some welcomed wet n’ wild slick will also soften up any hard worries about performance anxiety.

Price: $$
Scent Classification: Aromatic, Citrus
Texture: Non-sticky, warms up to spread (4/10)