Tammy Fender Antioxidant Crème – Neroli & Orange

If I can say, Tammy Fender is a brand synonymous with “modern organic"– classical essentials reassembled into ultra-luxe balms & oils. They seem to have an illuminating feel about them, considering any one product doesn’t have just a handful of essential oils blended quiet simply into a chosen carrier. Rather, hers are thoughtful, sophisticated treatments that leave you with a sigh of wonderment. “I mean how can natural smell and feel so good?”

It can because there’s something quite ethereal about her products that don’t take form in some sort of textbook fashion. Nor, do they come off like some homely kitchen experiment that happens to create a lot of hullaballoo, but may sometimes be difficult to replicate. Quite the contrary. For example, the Antioxidant Crème – Neroli & Orange ($95) is a plush, comforting moisturizer that lends unexpectedly vibrant notes of Neroli and Sweet Orange to skins needing their sebum regulated, scars faded, and elasticity improved.

The gel-like cream offers a demonstrated willingness to go deeper than its essences and nourish dehydrated and imbalanced skin types with a veritable roster of oils and butters. And, Neroli, of course. Did you know the name Neroli originates from the Italian Princess Anna Maria de la Tremoille, who introduced this precious essential oil to Italian aristocrats in the 17th century for its ability to rejuvenate the skin?

There’s an exquisite feeling in this balm. The crisp coolness of Lavender Flower extracts is flanked by Calendula and Hibiscus Sabdariffa (Roselle), which provides the perfect segue into a voluptuous heart. Deep within the folds of the Avocado, Sunflower Seed Rosehip Seed, Wheat Germ and Grapeseed oils are Algae extracts, which are known for its powerful ability to retain moisture. As cosmetic ingredients go, it’s thought that Algae works by helping skin maintain its youthful appearance by inhibiting the development of the enzyme collagenase, which causes the degradation of collagen. Therefore, it actually prevents further breakdown of collagen, which naturally leads to increased quantities of collagen inside your skin. And, the face cream doesn’t have a scant amount of it, as Algae is listed early in the roster of botanic goods. Hydrolyzed proteins & Squalane help boost skin’s plumping action while Shea Butter brings a creamy emolliency to the formula.

There’s a painterly precision with the seamless fusions of Neroli, Sweet Orange and even Rosemary. With the growing obsessive interest over oils, enthusiasts will develop a quick fondness for this balm. The balm’s botanic qualities emerge warmly as the sparkling citruses work in unison with a softened astringency to tighten up pores. A fresh cut Rosemary does bring a pinchy, leafy quality, but not enough to say the result is green by any means. The cream-gel texture boosts moisture levels for an all-day glow and can easily be used underneath your SPFs. Fender fans swear by the moisture boost when traveling in stuffy air cabins. Even after a few hours of use, skin feels plumped from within.

The exacting pedigree of aesthetic skin care that Fender brings to her line to cheerfully delight skin is calibrated yet tactile. A cut above those who claim to be of the same ilk, really. You seriously need to try this stuff to know what I’m talking about.

Price: $$$$
Scent Classification: Citrus
Texture: Cream-gel