Suki Pure Facial Moisture | Balancing & Nourishing Oils

I’ve been living high on Jojoba lately.

I’m in love with it. Granted, it is not as ubiquitous mineral oil. It’s not the most sophisticated oil, but only because we’ve seen the name, the carrier more often than any other. It’s the golden standard for skincare. And, before you laugh, I’m going to ask it again - why more cosmetic firms don’t skip over the mineral for Jojoba stokes my fire, but again, costs always come first. Not with Suki, a firmly rooted, quietly popular brand at Saffron Rouge. The Pure Facial Moisture ($32.95), which comes in two varying formulations for oily & dry skin types, takes Jojoba to the center stage on skin. states that it is thought that using Jojoba regulates oily skin by making the skin think that it has already produced enough oil. Jojoba can also be used as a spot treatment for acne. According to one pharmacological study, jojoba oil has proven anti-inflammatory properties, which is helpful for inflammatory conditions such as acne. But, dry skins equally love its ease of penetration since Jojoba’s structure is so similar to that of your own slimy sebum. It’s a lightweight oil, no argument there. Which is why you might just like Suki’s face oils for daily wear under make-up. While both also contain Sunflower, Grapeseed and Rice Bran carriers and hefty doses of non-GMO Vitamin E weaved between the fluid lines of Jojoba, the two oils differ in intent from here onwards.

The first is the Balancing blend: a deliciously skin-smacking treatment with Calendula, Lavender, Chamomile, & Echinacea extracts. The scent isn’t nuanced, but rather brings a soft character to the oil. Unusual yet quite elegant, the Chamomile gives a fresh, herbsy twist to the otherwise calming blend, keeping the oil feeling airy & translucent. Lavender fans will undoubtedly want more of a camphoric herb, so bewarned. Borage Seed & Hazelnut and even the Echinacea work synergistically to keep acne or even mild, monthly break-outs in check, as they work to calm the inflammation down before or after an unwanted eruption. Once applied, it sinks straight away and leaves no trace of shine (dare I say, a matte finish?), though surprisingly I find the scent is quite snappy and stays put longer than expected.

In contrast is the Nourishing elixir: a congruous marriage between a subtle Sandalwood & a medicinal Myrrh. Both are equally balanced and serve as a splendid example of how warm essentials still may come across as fragile in a blend. There’s still Calendula & Lavender anchoring the lead essences and just enough to amplify the earthiness of the oil. It’s a predictable, safe core of essences with a sophisticated mildness, which makes it easy for newbies to try. The treatment is also perfect enough for dehydrated skins needing to boost their lotions or for dry skins needing that perfectly viscous oil to blend in without waiting. Rosehip helps fade away spots, while Apricot Kernel helps bring erase away aging signs with its GLA-rich structure.

I always marvel at the simple ingenuity of Suki because despite the seemingly normal price point, I always feel like I’m getting some serious exhalations of hand plucked essences from every bottle without fail. And, seeing how fresh the essentials smell & feel on skin, you kind of wonder about some of those over-priced serums and ask just how effective they can be? Radiant & luxurious, 100% vegan and organic, there’s always a certain sparkle with everything the brand does, even with the oldfangled Jojoba. For those considering going down the organic or those with sensitive skins fearing how essentials make react, I’d say Suki – the vanguard of young, natural, enthralling essences - is pure optimism for your skin’s health & the best place to start.

Price: $$
Scent Classification: Green, Herbaceous
Viscosity: Ultralight viscosity (2/10)