Suki Delicate Hydrating Oil

Saffron Rouge. If anyone should say to you: “Come, let’s shop for the purest & greatest of organic skin care in the marketplace today, irrespective of the USDA seal of approval.” would you refuse so tempting of an invitation? Likely not, if you knew that you could trust the buyers behind Saffron Rouge for sorting through the mass marketed beauty industry to sift out products that actually meet their rigorous organic standards. Natural is not even good enough, as if any product contains any one of their “Black List” ingredients, the site won’t even take a second look. No matter how snazzy the packaging, no matter how may bucks are behind the brand, and no matter what type of PR spin anyone tries to razzle n’ dazzle with. Every brand is personal and particular at Saffron Rouge. And,  Suki Delicate Hydrating Oil ($27.95) is one such example of small, niche brands are prodigally represented to those in the know. You.

I first discovered Suki awhile back when I was researching out true-to-form organic brands for a feature organic story. I mean beyond the 'no petroleum', 'no parabens' smack talk (Suki's packaging actually uses vegetable inks), we wanted the treatments so pure that they seemed to be fresh plucked & bottled with ingredients that rose above the classic calm of Lavender & Vitamin E. Suki fit the bill. And, I’ve now come back to the brand’s salient simplicity in the form of…what else? A body oil. Sensitive skins will adore the delicate blend of organic Sunflower, Grapeseed, Soybean, Rice Bran and Apricot oils in immaculate fashion. The ultralight oil blends on spot while vitamins A and E & copious amounts of essential fatty acids from the Sunflower & Rice Bran carriers help to moisturize, regenerate and condition the skin. The main oils works well for mature, sensitive and dry, damaged skins (think sunburns or even laser treated skin), leaving a second "skin" feeling. xInteresting here is the Rice Bran. Originating in the Japanese culture, one of the highest compliments a Japanese woman can receive is to be called a "nuka bijin" which means "a rice bran beauty." Having smooth healthy skin is due to the Oryzanol (a group of ferulate esters and phytosterols) that actually whitens the skin slightly. As skin is exposed to natural sunlight, Rice Bran reacts as a sunscreen protecting the skin from harmful UVrays. Oryzanol impedes melanin pigmentation by restraining the erythema activity of tyrosinase as it stops the UV rays' transmission at the skin's surface. The well chosen carriers also calmly put all the soft textures of essences into perspective.

Comfrey is the star essence in this superb hydrator, which is an elegantly refined herbal blend with woodsy overtones. For once. I mean sure the oil has an aromatic exactitude, with almost talky touches of Rose Flower, Bergamot, Calendula, Lavender and Chamomile offering a pleasant interlude to the sage-ish unfolding of Arnica. With each passing slather, the florals and citruses impress with a touch of masculinity opening the way for Comfrey’s soft pairing with Virginia Cedarwood. It’s a soaring composition, really. The opening brings a beautifully resounding green-earthy temperament more than a floral one as the Cedarwood rounds out the quiet essences for an airy feel on skin. I quite like how the oil’s unisex scent riffs on a resinous edge – well-honed & stylistic in feel. You’d half expect this curious type of quasi-androgynous sexiness to be qualified as one of those fresh out of the shower ads. It’s that, but better. And, it blends into skin so fast, you'll like twice & ask yourself, did I just put it here?

Suki isn’t a novelty: unlike some of those seasonally popular brands that rotate countertops in the department stores. It commands its due & your attention because of its wholly organic set of ingredients, even if the brand hasn’t paid for the USDA logo. Skin is thoroughly re-energized by the refreshing swath of oils, kinetic in their energy but ironically to soothe & heal. So, the next time an eco-friendly purist asks, “How do you know which organic brands to truly trust to bring the fabulous glow of nature’s awesomeness?” – tell them Saffron Rouge is where to go. The e-tailer has earned its green stripes, for sure.

And, don’t forget to tell them who told you so…