Pomega 5 Daily Revitalizing Concentrate

The Daily Revitalizing Concentrate ($45.95) is a saucy rebuke to the bottle dropper. Some face oils come with a dropper, that unwittingly make break apart. Others come with a wide pour bottle, leaving you with fingers full of grease. Pomega5 made sure hurried women in the morning wouldn’t have to worry about either mishap. Clever in size, each precious drop of supercharged oils in encapsulated within a pearl-like ampoule. Each one promises to contain up to 60% of Omega 5 to allure skin’s sense to tighten up.

The Omega 5 essential fatty acid is what the brand is named after. It’s a rare EFA obtained from the seed of the pomegranate and the only known botanical form of Punicic Acid, a highly potent antioxidant. Its miniscule molecular size helps the EFA penetrate easily, while getting to work on those nasty free radicals, which break down skin’s vital components – collagen & elastin. What’s interesting is how Pomegranate Seed oil is an ultra sensitive molecule. The folks behind the brand actually tested 14 different varieties from around the world prior to selecting the current, cold-pressed organic source of oil, which they pledge brings your skin the highest grade found thanks to its exceptional Punicic Acid content and natural source vitamins B1, B2, C, potassium, and magnesium.

Pomegranate Seed, Jojoba, Calendula, & Rosehip oils create a potent cocktail of anti-aging, collagen rebuilders. You’ll want to twist off the tiny end of the ampoule (if it doesn’t break off easily, just pop in a pin or needle) and squeeze out the measured dose of oil, perfect to spread over face & under eyes. Leftover droplets can even be used over lips as a treatment. Most capsules you may have seen to date fall with a monumental flatness. And, that’s because they are usually nothing more than those bargain bin Vitamin E bottles you see at CVS. But, here, in addition to the carriers, what’s impressive is how Calendula, Rosewood, Lemon, Verbena, and Grapefruit essences create an aromatic accord that is richer & smoother than could possibly be. The essences are understated never growing strong to overpower each other but teeters between a balanced citrus and mellow herb scent. Unlike opening a bottle of face oil, you won’t smell too much of it, though the calibrated amount of oil does flirt a bit with scattered green notes. It’s quite a pleasant scent with blooms with each spread & develops a transparent sweetness steering clear of any obvious floral overture.

The oil does take a bit to soak in (and, by bit I mean 30-45 seconds, not minutes), but I like that. A viscous oil always feel more like a mask than a serum, which may be preferred at night. Convenience is the plus with this treatment. Perfect to pop some pills for travel or even when going to the gym. Recently, I tested a dense face oil before lingering in the sauna and came out with some pretty glorious skin as the heat just deepened the penetrative effect. Now, I don’t need to fuss with packing a bottle, as I can slip one of these jewel-like gems into my wallet. And, still keep the currents of bioactive elements preserved. Trust Saffron Rouge to scout out niche brands, one of which brings a fun yet useful versatility to the use of oils. When in capsule form, the oil should prove irresistible.