Living Nature Radiance Night Oil

Ingredients are an easy decode for me thanks to my Bachelor’s in Science undergrad degree. Though I hated organic chemistry back then, I can now appreciate the uncanny ability to spot out commonly misnamed chemical offenders when listed under the guise of some pseudo-scientific name. Living Nature (an under the radar brand from New Zealand) takes the guesswork out of aggressively shmoozy ingredients and rather connects essences by a kind of distinct, inimitable organic thread of thought. It’s a brand I’d never heard of before, but one with a philosophy that shares the status & popularity of of eco-smart brands here stateside.

I first came across Living Nature while snooping around Saffron Rouge a few weeks ago while comparing truly diehard organic brands with mainstream ones. How this brand refrains from conventional cornerstones is that the company actually manufactures their products in their own facility located in the Bay of Islands where they follow the quality control immaculately through every step of the process. I kind of like the small, homey feel of the brand since it brings a tradition that venerates fresh essences. It’s quaint & unassuming with an air of luxury. How so? The ingredients are so damn pure, most register between a 0-2 on the Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database. Knee-deep into the springness of skin, I tried the Living Nature Radiance Night Oil ($50), a petite skin recharger that stimulates structural skin cells up to 43% in 72 hours and increases plump collagen. And, it’s made with a Rose scent that is so bracing that you can actually smell it before you even open the bottle.

The face oil is extraordinarily light in texture. For those of you now used to the weight feel on skin, this one will surprise you as it spreads so much more like free-flowing liquid than a viscous oil. Give it about 5 seconds and you’ll see how it absorbs upon spread and leaves no shine behind. To call it an ‘oil’ is actually unfair. The elusiveness freshness of the serum comes from Rosehip Fruit and Jojoba carriers, which leave skin feeling refreshed on the spot. Rosehip oil’s high content of essential unsaturated fatty acids (oleic, linoleic, and linolenic) complement the plentiful amounts of A, a natural constituent similar to Retin-A, but without the negative side effects of drying out skin. Rosehip acts on the epidermis to rev up the regenerative effects as it penetrates the skins upper layers very quickly. It also supports the keratin migration cycle that is responsible for the natural regeneration of skin cells. In a report published in the “Anti-Aging Research Brief,” Rosehip was identified as an effective treatment for skin burns, scars and stretch marks. I’m just as happy to help fade away those dark spots from a volcanic zit. Happy helpings of Vitamin E and Carrot extracts are blended to enhance the effects of the carriers.

And, the smell? The drop-dead gorgeous Rose Damascena note makes an early entry and follows through into the robust base of the oil, which mingles well with lacings of Calendula extracts, creating a somewhat subtle old style vibe that is perfectly complementary to the fair touches of Frankincense. It’s certainly as refined & as elegant as a rarely well done rose fragrance. The oil starts strong but softly purrs to maturity with a pleasant finish for skin that will invite repeat sniffs. It’s a cardinal rose – dusky, brooding, and warm. And…ok fine…purely lush, but with a crisp modern take on its blend, made particularly for those of you who eschew those-granny-esque rose blends. The bottle’s miniature suggests to use it sparingly, but really, 2-3 drops spreads so easily all over face, why not splurge on the slather? Because it’s unreal texture is so light, it wears well under SPF and make-up, if you even use foundation. I didn’t even have to blot after 3 hours of wear with the my powder foundation, thought I don’t mind doing this with plumpier oils. Make this your spring treasure for skin.

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