Klorane Mango Oil Spray

When it comes to oils, huile aficionados are a dedicated lot. They know Lavender blends well with almost anything. They are finicky about Sandalwood, synthetic or not. And, enthusiasts are open to trying rare oil as long as the sassy ingredient delivers as good as it’s know to give. Mango is one such essence that’s a rare thing to see in body or face oils.

And, I’m not sure why.

To date, I haven’t covered a sole body oil with Mango at its core. Mango Seed Butter occasionally pops in a balm here or there. Which makes  Klorane’s Mango Oil Spray ($14) a fine, but rare rendition of what usually ends up so often being a greasy hair disaster. And, that’s because this treatment spray is designed to leave in damp or even on dry hair. Which means, at first glance, some of you may wince at such a thought. Leave oil in hair when it’s dry?

Absolutely. And, you can do this because Mango oil has a nice, fluid consistency. Mango oil is fraction obtained during the processing of mango butter. It’s sometimes semi-solid at room temp on its own, but when blended with Palm oil it penetrates into the hair shaft to work on preventing split, frayed ends. Palm oil contains those hard to find toctrienols, which are members of the Vitamin E family. The common form of Vitamin E (tocopherols) works as a strong antioxidant that helps the skin to fight free radicals that damage the skin and cause fine lines and wrinkles. Dr. Betty Kamen, PhD gives further proof that as a stronger antioxidant than tocopherols, toctrienols have been proven to be more effective in preventing aging and damage from free radicals. Used topically, toctrienols are able to penetrate deep into the skin's layers to enable healing & protection from the base up. Palm oil is a wonderfully light, non-greasy oil that also contains high amounts of glycerides - a natural conditioner that imparts incredible softness to our hair. When paired together, you've got one juicy hair treatment that you can use when slicking hair back in a trendy ponytail or loosely wrapped chignon.

Klorane’s branding sparks its passion by focusing on plant-based ingredients from fields & farms they actually harvest & monitor before extracting from them these precious oils. For this spray, Klorane actually uses an Indian grown mango, which was selected for its smug concentrations of EFAs. The flush spray is vegan and hypoallergenic, even though it’s not entirely organic. When sprayed on lifeless locks, they get a weightless shine. Frizzies also get flattened without the use of any drying hair product that just brings build up for you to strip away with a clarifying shampoo. Dampened tresses (that's how I sprayed the oil) are nourished, moisturized and strengthened instantly, but just after 3 days of disciplined use to style my ponytails, hair feels noticeably softer & agile. Scentwise, you’ll like the translucent sweetness of Mango. It’s not aggressive, but affable and soft. You’ll be lucky to catch a whiff of it, really, as it’s simply quiet behind the curative powers of the oil.

If you wanna score a freebie, hop over to Allure.com, which is actually offering the full sized bottle to the first 500 readers who click on April 5. Otherwise, the spray launches in May on Klorane's official site.

Price: $
Scent Classification: Fruity
Viscosity: Ultralight viscosity (1/10)