In Fiore Queen Rose Attar Parfum Solide

Julie Elliott, founder of In Fiore, is responsible for creating some pretty luxuriant face oils. No doubt I’m a huge fan of the luxury brand because of how the scents and botanicals come alive through her carefully curated aesthetic. Quite simply, the woman knows precisely just how the magical interplay between butters, oils, and essentials will blossom wholly on skin. Her parfum solides – packaged in seductively beautiful gilded gold compacts - are no exception.

Queen Rose Attar ($65) is a darling triumvirate of roses that sparkles over the soul of your skin in a somewhat daring way. See, roses have seen so many iterations in the fragrance world, that it’d be hard to still surprise. But, In Fiore’s roses do just that – the shadow and the light of three different roses fall just right on the nose. In Fiore’s roses are culled, placed, and then amplified in copper distilling vessels where they sit in heated water, hence creating an ‘attar’. The smooth, pliant vapours pass over delicately into a receiving vessel containing sandalwood oil, which absorbs the lavish rose essences over a period of 20 days. Captured is a dense, hyperreal liquor of Rose Damascena, Rose Bourbonia, and Rose Centifolia, all blended within Jojoba, which will extend the shelf-life of your parfum.  It’s an abstract scent made dramatic by an incensey Oud threaded smoothly between the filigreed roses. The parfum flourishes with a dense sap of roses but is rendered lightweight and luminous, lilting with a full-bodied sensual finish. And no, you don’t feel as though you’ve overdosed on the sweetness of rose, for those of you fearing you’ll wind up with the classically banal sweetness.

With its visceral lushness, the scent is teeming with an enchanting intrigue. Slavishly faithful to the Indian way of extracting roses, actually. Being so myself, I offer up how the parfum easily conjured up the ethereality of courtesan life as seen in Mughal-e-Azam, danced by India’s answer to Marilyn Monroe. Like her, Queen Rose Attar has a charm that will prove irresistible.

Price: $$$
Scent Classification: Floral