Vered Botanicals Anti-Aging Treatment & Therapeutic Balancing Face Oils

When it comes to face oils, the design of the carrier oils & essential often trumps scent. But, since I’m a bit of a scent-fiend, I often choose scent over function. Most of the time. Usually, the preferred treatment’s scent will be likely fleeting as not to offend the delicate skin around the eyes or hypersensitive nose. And, while the results from some serious mixmastering is a useful but not-so-fragrant product, I find myself quickly amassing a pretty-smelling wardrobe of oils over ones specifically tending to my defiantly oversized pores. Vered Botanicals, on the other hand, is that perfect example of the rare instance when scent and treatment align so idealistically on skin. Both her face oils – Anti-Aging Face Treatment Oil ($118) and Therapeutic Balancing Face Oil ($68) - are botanic beauties beautifully packaged in the brand’s hallmark sexy streamlined bottles begging to be poured. Which to choose? Both mature & oilier skin types will appreciate the initial shot of moisture from an oil, but each will want its own posh collective of essences to treat whatever skin issues demand the attention. I, for one, can’t decide on either one since I’m an anti-aging vixen, obsessive over every little lining that pops up without notice and simultaneously have to find a way to temper the classic t-zone shine.

The Anti-Aging Face Treatment Oil has a main mission to improve skin tone with Rosehip at the heart of the serum. Carrot Seed, Borage, Argan, Camellia, Pumpkin Seed, Marshmallow Root and Primrose oils round out the light-bodied, easily absorbed oil. Among the lot, Carrot Seed is rich in beta-carotene as well as vitamins A, B, C, D and E and is most useful as a skin rejuvenator and extremely effective for dry and aging skin. In addition to helping skin maintain its elasticity, Carrot Seed helps protect skin from harmful UV rays. This added to Rosehip’s ability to assist with cell regeneration, helps increase skin firmness, smoothness, elasticity and overall radiance. It’s the sort of serum that goes deep down to the very heart of the skin to reactivate all of the skin's youth functions. But, the prettiness of its tightly infused essences bring the faintest touch of sweetness from Jasmine and Rose essentials. The ethereal scent continues to present itself quite clearly with a very good balance and differentiation of Rosewood, Vanilla, Licorice, Calendula and Lemon Peel. It’s an impressive opening to the oil with so many wonderfully potent notes that elicit beautiful wisps of a hidden green tang and will have you sniffing again & again to figure out what’s captivating you amidst this compelling mélange. How is it possible not to like this excruciatingly lovely kind of scent? Perhaps, the Vanilla has warmed up on your skin. Or, maybe your senses have sifted out the Fennel. Whatever it is, the scent and texture will have you in awe of the serum’s enchanting translucency. Wrinkles were never so much fun to erase!

But, for day, there’s the Therapeutic Balancing Face Oil. While you don’t need to spurn the anti-shine primers, this serum will help acneic or simply greasy skin types balance out sebum production. Springing from 100% pure organic Jojoba and Sweet Almond base of moisture is a chirpy herb infusion of skin-boosting essences: Lemongrass, Myrrh, Niaoli, Calendula, Chickweed, Lavender, Echinacea, Plantain Leaf, & Speedwell that succeeds brilliantly under moisturizer, if needed at all. And, that’s because its function is almost that of adornment. Lemongrass, when partnered with Speedwell, is used to help clear up acne, speed up healing & alleviate excess slick from overactive pores. It’s a fresh and transparent emollient with a lively green opening, one that soon turns to a natural smelling citrus-y serum. When this rare roster is combined, the result is an interestingly visceral oil that manages to evoke an immensely elegant finesse with the sensuality of a somewhat discreet aromatic interplay. The scent is comforting and familiar (probably due to the tempered echo of Lavender), but unusually uplifting on some subconscious sense. When used under primer and over my SPF, I didn’t see a need to blot any shine even 3 hours after dusting on my MUFE powder foundation, which clings quite seamlessly to the layered regimen.

What does this all mean to the non-huile novice? That you will ultimately see how combination skins can choose between an oil to tighten up those pores or one to smooth out stress-induced lines. Or both. See,  re-imagining esoteric essences alongside some usual ones is what Vered Botanicals does best. No matter what organically sound treatment you choose.