Rain Lip Therapy

Sin City has its days of searingly dry desert winds chafing up skin on the outside and nights with drunken debauchery dehydrating skin from its inside. With its sporadically exciting but usually stinging bright lights & sinfully fun , full-of-regret indulgences, the women of Vegas know a thing or two about dry skin and what it really takes to get lips plumped with moisture. So, it’s no surprise some of the city’s veteran makeup mavens pooled their beauty gripes together and founded Vegas’ first cosmetic line of tried & tested alluring, highly pigmented products fit for harsh lights with deeply distressed skin for photo-lasting power. As such, lips are the first place to show signs of crepiness. Whether you’re 20 or 60, losing the pout’s natural fullness is always of concern. This followed by any crepiness seen from those feathery fine age lines that creep up without notice. Keep your pucker fully rounded and defined with Rain’s Lip Therapy ($14) a delightfully exceptional balm with a creamy texture that instantly melts on the lips, providing them with a soothing sensation while restoring their youthful, plump and healthy appearance. How? Healthful oils, of course, are nestled in this unendurably cute tear drop packaging.

Castor oil makes up the bulk of this juicy balm, with nearly 90% of its fatty acid content derived from of Ricinoleic acid, an EFA not found in any other substance. Such a high concentration of this unusual, unsaturated fatty acid is thought to be responsible for Castor Oil's scrumptiously remarkable healing abilities. Castor oil is a natural emollient that penetrates the skin on the spot and helps stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which can soften and hydrate the chappy lips. This drenching power is coupled with Aloe Vera oil, which not only calms the irritable skin under peeling flakes, but also brings Vitamins C & E to get some antioxidant action going. Macadamia Nut, Avocado, and Kukui oils are blended within moist dollops of Mango Butter, fortified with Beeswax and touched with extracts of Honeysuckle. Interesting to note is how Mango Butter has a protective effect against UV radiation. Special Edition, the rosy shade seen above, is my favourite shade, not for any pop of colour, but rather for the berry licking taste it leaves behind. The colours are subtle washes for lips, not nearly pigmented, if that’s your look. Suite is such a darling baby pink with hushed hints of glimmer & delectably tinged with a strawberry tang. The non-sticky balm glazes across lips restoring a satiny-smooth appearance. It is a true, pliable balm, not a gloss, so don’t expect any overt shine. But, when used over a densely pigmented lip liner, you can get a long-lasting lip sheen that conditions.

Not too far off the periphery of the celeb radar - Paris Hilton, Ashlee Simpson, Mandy Moore prefer the brand when partying hard & getting pap snapped ever harder – Rain’s Lip Therapy does prove its mettle with its hip street style without any of the usual Vegas schlock & talk. Quite simply – it’s fancifully efficient & it works.