One Love Organics Morning Glory Brightening Complexion Booster

Whenever a new face oil grabs the eye & tugs at the heart, the first thing I do is flip it over for its ingredients. And, I do appreciate so many of these serums for any variety of reasons. The marketing lyricism? Fabulous. The essential oils' eloquence? Flawless. The obligatory scan for mineral oil or other chemical villains? Non-existent. The prejudice for insisting on nothing but the purest of ingredients can be a challenge when trying to decode some of those slyly hidden ingredients listed on the labels of those so-called ‘natural’ branded face creams and butters. Let’s face it - a sink full of moisturizing oils are generally simpler and purer than thicker butters and potions. Did you know, on the Environmental Working Group (EWG) Skin Deep database, oils often get a greener rating than creams by the same manufacturer? You can skip over athe guesswork with One Love Organics Morning Glory Brightening Complexion Booster ($48) – a face serum that is not only well-made, but it’s organically well-resolved to resuscitate your lost radiance.

Creativity, quality, & legitimacy are all neatly tucked in this petite bottle of larger-than-life essences. First off, its scent impression is a surprisingly unusual take on the usually cool breath of Peppermint. Suzanne LeRoux, full-time lawyer turned aromatherapy purveyor, modestly says,

“The scent is beautiful - but we don't blend for scent, but rather for properties. We wanted to blend something for the day time to wake up and stimulate the skin. Peppermint balances oil production to help both dry and oily skin find balance; Ylang Ylang, and Lemon oil work to keep a protective layer of germ fighting properties on the surface of the skin & combat daily encounters with dirt and pollution.”

And, stimulate it does. While Sweet Mint accents the crisp verdancy of both paired together with a double vendetta of exuberant perkiness, the warmth of a languorous Ylang Ylang (an oily skin purifier) quiets both by announcing delicate spring blossoms without allowing the oil to appear like, well, some liquor store candied sweet treat. No tartness of the mint can be intuited, though when sniffed deeply, the tangy zest of Lemon now peers through the layers of carriers to leave the trail of a translucent scent, which shows accord that stay fresher than its zest would suggest. Mint always makes me peek twice – too much and you have a bottle of Wrigley’s Spearmint oil; too little and you have to actually think about its discovery. Here, the purposeful blend of the organic essentials work so complementary proving how an unconventional mélange of essences can still surprise marvelously. Evening after reviewing 200+ oils, too.

The body of the serum is the stuff of antiaging hysteria. Raspberry Leaf is the lead oil, full of polypeptides, flavonoids, tannins, Vitamin C, calcium and niacin. Gently, the nimble extracts work as an astringent on dry or irritated skin by tightening the top layers of skin effectively improving tissue firmness. Interspersed between fractions of Coconut oil and Sweet Mint oil are tangy pockets of Organic Lemon Balm aka Melissa oil is so potent in its antioxidant activity, that Kurt Schnaubelt, in Advanced Aromatherapy, says,

"The way in which Melissa oil combines an excellent antiviral component with a soothing but pervasive sedative power is difficult to imagine; it has to be experienced. In its complexity, power, and gentleness, Melissa oil perfectly illustrates how nature time after time works better than one-dimensional synthetic medicines."

The serum gives you a swift, sweet calm with its light-hearted viscosity. It seeps into the delicate skin under eyes within a flash and provides a luxurious, dewy smooth feeling while  plumping with an instant boost of moisture. For that occasional dry spell you may get from any eyebrow/upper lip waxing or threading job, pair the oil overnight with an added skin comforter, Skin Savior Waterless Balm, for incredible clarity. Richly perfect, use Morning Glory to rationalize your sensory experience with the organic way of essentials.