Ole Henriksen Lavender Body Oil

Though we like to think of ourselves as simple folks who appreciate the finer nuances of essential oils & some of those rarer blends (Pear, Fig, & Coffee anyone), there are those occasions we revert to the wholesome, the quasi-elegant, the ever popular Lavender. Ah...when blended on its own, doesn't Lavender bring the right touch of mysticism to skin? I think so... The name is derived from the Latin word 'lavera' which means 'to wash,' which heralds the time when the Romans used Lavender oils frequently in their bathing routines. While there are many mass-produced liner incarnations of the soothing herb, Ole Henriksen’s Lavender Body Oil ($28) is the perfect huile to keep around when tensions run high, stresses run deep, and wallets run tight.

The presentation of a gifted bottle of  Lavender oil will surely delight. But, receiving a bottle of Ole Henrisken's sueded essence (ensconced within Sesame and Sweet Almond oils) and you’ll show an even deeper appreciation for the freshly herbaceous treatment. Let’s face it – synthetics do end up expressing themselves as a pungent, 'laundry dry sheet' scent. These cheap imitators and your skin will smell, well…plastick-y. And, while Lavender isn’t an essential oil that earns its merit due to any blending precision, its fully-developed freshness is what sets respectable body oils apart from tacky copycats. Not to worry here, as Ole Henriksen uses the 100% essential oil that imparts a slightly hypnotic fruity, almost citrus-y Lavender, which calms the fraught nerves & relieves jittery tension often leading to depression, panic, hysteria, nervous exhaustion, headaches, migraines and/or insomnia. And, in recent news, Lavender also brings some serious anti-fungal action. And, don’t say you haven’t experienced any of these life-stopping annoyances. Delicate and transparent, the Lavender Body Oil is a gripping antithesis to the usually preferred floral overtures. The oil impresses with its stable sweetness and creamy finish. Purists will adore this bottled up organic beauty since it so nicely complements most provocative fragrances & conceptual oils.

While the oil’s uses are versatile & varied, one interesting thing to note is how the treatment can help with back acne on men & women. Because of the solvent properties in Sesame oil, a long & deep massage on the back can help to break up the excess oils and debris on the skin's surface. This might help women alleviate some of those ‘bra-breakout’s’ they get from sweat trapped between the strap & skin. The scientific data of Sesame oil has been evaluated by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel and deemed as a safe cosmetic ingredient. Sweet Almond brings in the hefty doses of glucosides, minerals, vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E to relive any temporary bouts of eczema, itching, soreness, dryness and inflammation and restores elasticity, reduce deep wrinkles, & firm up the sag.

Some of the fun uses for my Lavender oil are when I:
  • Used with a dry brush & circular motions over joints to help release trapped pockets of natural energy
  • Added 2 spoonfuls of sugar to create a relaxing foot scrub
  • Dropped a teaspoonful in my conditioner (and that of my puppy's) to soften the tangled tresses (on the both of us)
Lavender on its own hasn’t done much for me in the past. But, I’m now suspicious of those industrial strength, lab-made creations that I may have fallen prey & taken offense to – those 6 for $30 specials. This genially comfortable blend is quite fashionably conforming on skin. Light with a bright nose, the oil has a distinct appeal that will easily climb through the rungs of passion and curiosity when layered in snug harmony. Or, will easily intoxicate skin on its own.