In Fiore Fleur Vibrante

Every once in awhile you come across an organic jar of skincare so buttery sleek, so tempting in scent, you just wanna dip down and take a taste. Well, ok, it’s probably just me, but it seems like every time I open a treatment from In Fiore, there’s that inexplicable tension that grows between the skin begging for moisture and the palate imploring to test the brand's latest iteration of Jasmine. And, this time was no different. The brand’s #1 selling balm, Fleur Vibrante ($58), makes much sense to distressed skin suffering from any post-traumatic skin searing; think waxing, threading, shaving, chemical peeling, microderming, or just abut any other form of over exfoliating in search of that elusive fountain of youth. I reached for a jar of this blissful marvel when skin felt so dry; it was desperately trying to sop up moisture from an anti-oily skin primer. How did this manifest itself? Foundation settled in smiles lines, pores opened with a cavernous curiosity, and the loose setting powder plopped up into microblobs atop skin. A hideous mess. My retinoid treated skin was sensing a raw abandon of needed nutrients thanks to a full face threading session from two days earlier.

And, there it was. Fleur Vibrante ready to feed skin with a balmy base of Calendula-Infused Grapeseed, Rosehips Seed, and Jojoba Seed oils while organic Beeswax gave the velvety spread a bit of form to stay put. For Julie Elliott, the balance oils & essentials is more than a metaphor. It’s not about slopping together oils & waxes to fluidly slather on top of skin. At In Fiore, it's about balancing the needs of ever curious skin stuck in a desperate flux to find that desired combination of elemental skin nutrients which bring out a naturally hydrated glean. With Fleur Vibrante, Julie is inherently critical about her wildcrafted tinctures, biodynamic extracts, and 100% pure essences to ensure here they infuse eloquently to yield a lighter-than-air texture, which feels like a night cream, but treats like a luxury mask. Calendula & Seabuckthorn extracts are densely weaved with a respectfully classic Jasmine Flower oil, which gives the luscious balm a liturgical spirit of sorts. You feel like this is some sort of old world treasured recipe that was uncovered in some long forgotten dusty trunk. Actually, recent research shows that the water extracts of Calendula Flowers, applied on skin wounds, play a role as microvascularization inducing agents, thus contributing to speed up healing (Alonso J., 2004). Calendula, due to its high saponin content (a fancy word for phytochemicals) content has moisturizing properties making it ideal in formulations for dry, irritated or delicate skin. And, treat it did.

Not even 12 hours later, one slick of opulent balm generously coated over the entire face helped my dry skin kick the unwelcomed tightness away and reproduce the natural hydration. This is such a common side effect of those of using prescriptive meds (Retin-A, Accutane, Tazorac, etc.) or for, yet again, those of us trading up those mucky mud masks for deeply penetrating chemical peels as monthly quick fix. And, then there's still a few more who add in the occasional session of lasering to their obsessive regimes. Well, at least the kind that don't leave us looking raw for days after. It’s not a heavy balm for thirsty skins, but rather an airy light treatment with a caress of shine that can be blotted out. The balm is so hydrating, you can feel still feel the suppleness the morning after. My hands couldn’t stop massaging the cheekbones & forehead over and over again to get deeper inhalations of the resolute but discreet Jasmine when I realized I had forgotten the merits of a good facial rubdown. Trust Decleor to share some pretty fantastic techniques on how give a worthy, tension-relieving self-massage to sculpt those often overlooked facial muscles.

What’s best of this balm (so reasonably priced that it’ll surely last you months when a little dab goes so far) is how it’s used nothing as a point of reference and is completely uncompromising. Balms don’t need to be sticky or gloopy. Balms don't need to smell waxy. And, balms don't need to be stiff & unspreadable. The best of them are actually fluttery complements to your minimalist face oils with exquisite craftsmanship instilled in the jar.

 For skin that holds onto the hope for such an idylle balm, the wait ends here.