Dr. Alkaitis Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil

“If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin.”

Sound like rhetoric from some self-righteous, green-happy, amateur sleuth–cum–organic convert touting the claims of some pseudo-natural face cream created & marketed to save the planet and your skin?

No. Not at all.

As a matter of fact, it’s dutiful de facto advice from Dr. Saulius Alkaitis, a scientist with a Ph.D. in physical chemistry (the branch that studies how molecules work and what forces get them to do the job we want them to do) from UCLA (my alma mater…go Bruins!). And, the one & only thing the good doc may just lose his scholarly cool over is the rampant use chemicals in today's mass marketed skin care.

“Chemicals dehydrate and clog the skin’s important sweat glands by blocking sebum and resulting in the formation of blackheads or inflammations. Chemicals or synthetically processed ‘natural’ ingredients used in other skin care brands causes dangerous exposure, clash with our body’s natural healing systems and are unfit for the human body - Dr. Alkaitis”

Along with this, the one thing women often forget is how good, clean, luminous skin is a direct reflection of both its inner & external health. Just how authentically in the pink your innards are from those extra glasses of water & detoxing fruit & veggies will manifest itself into the radiance and luster of your face. If it doesn’t, skin is asking...no, begging for help – through lackluster texture, itchy scalp, or scaly patches on legs after your daily shaving rituals. And, answer to skin's implore you must.

While you can’t feed the dermis from within, you certainly can skip over those hyped up serums - with their less-than-humble promises to treat up with some hero ingredient - and intensely revitalize and stimulate your sapped out epidermis with the doc’s Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil ($80). I’m surprised the organically wildcrafted oil hasn’t found wilder fame among eco-conscious fans, but then again the green guard, Fig + Sage, did award this one esoteric oil it’s revered symbol of approval with the ‘Best Natural Beauty Award.’ I guess I’m on the late freight with this doozy of a face oil. To begin, the core of the oil is comprised of virgin cold-pressed organically grown Jojoba, St. John’s Wort, and Andean Mountain Rose Hip Seed oils to instantly soothe the senses. St. John’s Wort is a rarely infused herb seen in body oils, though its historic evidence for treating dry skins and even eczema overwhelm with anecdotal evidence for both inner & outer well-being. For example, the 17th-century English herbalist, Nicholas Culpeper, called the woody wonder herb "a singular wound herb; boiled in wine and drank, it healeth inward hurts or bruises.”

My father actually created the oil for problematic skin, which is why we get so many amazing testimonials from people on how it healed their eczema, acne etc. The oil can also be used in the sun as it actually provides a ‘natural’ barrier protection - Trish

The infinitely precious list of medicinal essences is as rare in its composition as each extract is in its own therapeutic right: hand blended wildcrafted herbs like Indian Madder, Country Sarsaparilla, Country Mallow, China Root, Costus, White Sandalwood, Cuscus Grass, Eagle Wood, Nut & Bermuda Grasses, and Ashwagandha are complemented by organically grown Amazon Root, Liquorice, & Tumeric. The frenzied blend is always shipped within 2 weeks of being manufactured. Considering Dr. Alkaitis has conducted some serious plant research with four Nobel prize recipients, it’s safe to say he knows a thing or three about these highly forgotten but compelling herbs, which work with their elemental synergy to bring long-term firming, hydrating, and smoothing effects while strengthening up lost elasticity. Turmeric is a prized ingredient from the lot. here. Sci-fi studies show how turmeric laced skin care enhanced sebum content and skin hydration as compared to plain extract loaded conventional creams. Turmeric also has traditional uses for treating eczema and acne flare-ups thanks to Curcumin (the main element of Turmeric) which has anti-inflammatory properties, according to the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

The bountiful harvest forms a light-bodied oil, leaving no shine behind. But, the scent hinges on key essentials which shall remain confidential. A dusty, almost mystic, Sandalwood brings an incense-y smoothness to the scent, while Patchouli rounds out the meditative opening. The enigmatic essentials are able to impress sensuality with erotic and spiritual accords thanks to the juxtaposition of varying oils all obscure and mysterious in the wake of the earthy finish. A slightly resinous trail tames the aromatic fougere with a sweetened floral (Ylang Ylang, perhaps?), but in the end, the scent of the oil is surprisingly airy and assertive. The serum wears well under SPF & makeup, while leaving even my driest areas (elbows and knees) hydrated all day. Try layering it under a face balm as an intensive face mask at night, which makes for a great winter rescue.

It’s always a thrill to see a scientist celebrate the great glorious history of the essential oils, herbs, tinctures and carriers. Too often opponents of the eco-happy movement tend to argue how sci-fi facts rarely support the claims of all-natural products and that organic beauty treatments are nothing more than mass marketing in their own right. But, Dr. Alkaitis’ work with some newfangled herbs and essences proves how those relentlessly chic sort of active ingredients are exactly what we often seek out in the simplest of bottles & philosophies.

And, that is what obsessive arbiters of good oils convincingly want.